29 December 2016

Al Ain Palace Museum

Hessa Bint Mohamed Street
Al Mutawaa, Al Ain
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 24.214972, 55.760990

After our visit to the Al Fahidi Fort Ginny and Sern took us to a palace that the late Sheikh Zayed used to call home. Located right beside an oasis, we marveled at the greenery that grew in abundance here, as well as the the well manicured lawns.

the palace that Sheikh Zayed actually lived in
foreboding gates

glimpse into a great man's past

Excerpts from Visit Abu Dhabi’s website:

Located on the western edge of Al Ain Oasis, the Palace of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was built in 1937. It was converted into a museum in 1998 and opened to the public in 2001. The original structure comprised a private residence for the ruler and his family within a complex of courtyards.

situated beside an oasis

definitely has its perks

lush greenery, a rare sight in these parts

well manicured lawns

tastefully landscaped

The architectural design and construction of Al Ain Palace is typical of historical buildings of the UAE. It features the characteristic ventilation structures that are designed to keep the buildings cool in the summer.

typical of historical buildings here

lined with portraits from the past
ingenious way to keep cool

an ancestral portrait

distinct Islamic designs

out one corridor

and onto another corridor

 Paying homage to the heritage of Sheikh Zayed, the tent that he used to host guests during the winter has been erected in the palace. The tent simulates the way of life that Sheikh Zayed was proud of, and allows visitors to learn about the Bedouin heritage, history and renowned Arabic hospitality.

the late Sheikh's weapons of choice

and we don't mean cameras!

wonder what this is

an actual old lantern

In the courtyard of the internal palace is a Land Rover, similar to the cars that Sheikh Zayed used during his visits to check on the conditions of the communities in the region.

does this still run?

or a mere showpiece?

looking at home in the palace
as we headed out the palace gates

we bade a fond farewell to this historical palace in the desert

We're headed to our first real life oasis next!

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