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Sunday 18 September 2022

SUNDAY Stroll (Fatt Kee Roast Duck & Chicken, Pudu Plaza, YL Camera, Sunway Velocity Mall)

It's Sunday again!

In our previous post we planned to acquire a second DJI Pocket 2 (pre-loved unit) as backup to our current unit from a seller we found on Carousell today. The seller backed out of the deal at the eleventh hour, so we ended up with no fixed plans for today.

In the end we slept in again and only got going at about noon. With nothing much planned we walked to the Bandaraya LRT Station and caught a train to Pudu for a fare of RM1.60 each (approximately USD/EUR0.30). We then walked to Pudu Plaza, but since it was already lunchtime, we decided to first have chicken rice at the Fatt Kee Roast Duck & Chicken stall across the street.

Maybe it has been a while since we were last here, but we had the distinct impression it was not as delicious as we remembered. Oh well, our lunch including a round of iced Chinese Tea came to RM25.40 (approximately USD/EUR3.50).

While we had lunch it began to rain heavily and by the time we were done it still did not subside. We put up our umbrellas and walked across the street to Pudu Plaza, our main destination for the day. We had run out of sliced cheddar cheese, so we walked into The Store supermarket to get a several dozen slices that were on sale for RM16.39 per two dozen (approximately USD/EUR5).

We then walked into YL Camera to ask about the DJI Action 3 camera and was told that it would only be out on sale in November. We can hardly wait! Since we were there we browsed around, and I took a fancy to a camera sling bag. The Tenba BYOB 10 camera bag usually retails for RM329 (approximately USD/EUR70) so when the salesperson offered it to me for RM200 it was a deal I could not walk away from.

Fearing another sweet deal we paid for the bag and quickly made our way out of Pudu Plaza.

We walked for a little while and found ourselves at the bus stop in front of the D'Majestic Place along Jalan Pudu. With nothing planned we decided to catch a Rapid KL bus #450 for a fare of RM1.90 each (approximately USD/EUR0.40). We got down a few stops later and after a short walk we found ourselves at Sunway Velocity Mall!

A mall that we were not familiar with, we strolled around for a little bit before we decided to have a drink at O’Brien’s Irish Sandwich Cafe. Déjà vu! our beverages cost us RM27.75 (approximately USD/EUR6) which was again a little more than what we paid for lunch. Oh well, it is what it is.

We spent half an hour at O’Brien’s enjoying our drinks while indulging in some people-watching. I then thought of paying the Adidas store here a visit to see if they have the jersey of my favourite football (soccer) team in my size. Alas the Adidas store on the ground floor did not have football jerseys we made our way up to the third floor to see if the store there had it.

Yes! The Adidas store on the third floor had my size and I was the proud owner of a Red Devils jersey. We then made our way down to the first floor and walked across the Maluri Link Bridge. We then walked for a while and considered catching the train from the Maluri MRT station, but this would have involved changing lines midway through our ride.

We then walked a little further and caught the train from the Maluri LRT station that would take us all the way back to the Bandaraya LRT station again. Fifteen minutes later and for a fare of only RM2.20 each (approximately USD/EUR0.40) we were back where we started from.

A short walk later we arrived at our condo, a little tired but elated that we had spent a productive afternoon.

Catch you in our next post!

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📍 Location:
Bandaraya LRT station -
Pudu LRT station -
Fatt Kee Roast Duck & Chicken -
Pudu Plaza -
YL Camera Services -
D'Majestic Place Bus Stop -
Sunway Velocity Mall -
O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe -
Maluri MRT station -
Maluri LRT station -

Friday 16 September 2022

FRIDAY Frolic (Sin Kiew Yee, Central Market, Pasar Seni, Medan Pasar Old Clock Tower)

It's Malaysia Day!

We commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on this day in 1963. This event saw Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore unite into a single state. As such today was a public holiday.

Truth be told we slept in and only got out and about close to noon. We first thought about having lunch at Capital Cafe but the large crowd that had formed dissuaded us. We continued along Jalan TAR and decided to make it across the Sogo-Pertama Crossroad and pondered our next destination.

We caught a Rapid KL bus #170 at the Menara MARA Bus Stop and eventually got off at the Pasar Seni Bus Hub for a fare of only RM. We then walked over to the Pasar Seni LRT Station to reload our Touch 'n Go cards but could not figure out how the kiosk there worked.

We then walked across to the Pasar Seni MRT Station where we found another kiosk and managed to reload our Touch 'n Go cards. For those of you interested in riding the Rapid KL buses around Kuala Lumpur please be sure to buy a Touch 'n Go card from any LRT, MRT or Monorail station since these buses do not accept cash nor have any pay wave devices.

We then walked east along Jalan Sultan and turned left onto Jalan Tun H S Lee past the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. We had a sumptuous lunch at Sin Kiew Yee comprising of Sweet & Sour and Ginger with Spring Onions fried dishes with white rice and a round of Chinese Tea for RM28.00 (approximately USD/EUR6).

Lunch out of the way we then began an impromptu walkabout that took us along Jalan Hang Lekir then onto Jalan Hang Kasturi. We walked across Jalan Tun Sambanthan and entered Central Market where a long procession of temporary stalls was erected selling of kinds of knick-knacks.

We walked the entire length of Central Market and exited its northern facing doors before walking onto Jalan Hang Kasturi again. We then walked across Lebuh Pasar Besar headed north onto Medan Pasar and past its Old Clock Tower. We continued northeast onto Lebuh Ampang and turned right onto Jalan Tun Perak.

Here we stopped by Rush Roastery for some beverages at cost us RM33.00 (approximately USD/EUR7) which ironically was more than what we paid for lunch. Oh well, it is what it is.

We then across Jalan Tun Perak onto Lebuh Ampang and darted into a small alley before emerging onto Jalan Melaka. We then walked northeast onto Jalan Ampang before merging onto Jalan Munshi Abdullah.

We were on the home straight! We walked across the Jambatan Jalan Munshi Abdullah and past Jakel Mall until we reached City One Plaza and eventually got home.

We will be on another walkabout this Sunday morning as we attempt to acquire a second pre-loved DJI Pocket 2 from a seller we found on Carousell, so please stay tuned!

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📍 Location:
Capital Cafe -
Sogo-Pertama Crossroad -
KL 36 Menara MARA Bus Stop -
Masjid Jamek LRT station -
Kota Raya Complex -
Guan Di Temple -
Pasar Seni Bus Hub -
Pasar Seni LRT Station -
Pasar Seni MRT Station Gate B -
Sri Maha Mariamman Temple -
Sin Kiew Yee -
Central Market -
Medan Pasar Clock Tower -
Rush Roastery -
Jambatan Jalan Munshi Abdullah -
Jakel Mall -
City One Plaza -

Sunday 4 September 2022


It's time for Teh Tarik!

We moved in to our present home sometime in 2005 and in that time have always been coming here to Mansion Tea Stall, which in our opinion has the best Teh Tarik in town. This and Syed Bistro have always been our default Mamak (Malaysian Indian Muslim) restaurant.

Before the days of YouTube we used to blog about Mansion Tea Stall before here and here.

Brendan was only six when we first came here and everyone here got to see him grow from a boy to a man. Each time we visit the first thing they will do is ask "mana anak?" or "where's your child?". It was no different today, and we had to explain that Brendan was away visiting a friend.

After greeting everyone we sat down and ordered the Roti Canai Telur Goyang (roti with a half boiled egg on top), Maggi Mi Goreng, Iced Tea and Teh Tarik. Our brunch came to RM13.50 (approximately USD/EUR3).

Apart from the best Teh Tarik we are also of the opinion they serve the best Roti Canai and Chicken Curry as well. Don't believe us? Then come on over and give them a try.

Lastly, we feel that it is our civic duty to remind everyone that while masks are now optional outdoors, it is still mandatory indoors!

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📍 Location:
Mansion Tea Stall -

Festival Seni @ Jalan TAR

It's Sunday!

The whole of yesterday morning was spent at a Perodua Service Centre in Jalan Chan Sow Lin so there was nothing interesting to film.

Today we decided to take a walk along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (TAR) which is closed to all vehicles every Sunday from 6:00am to 11:59pm to accommodate the Festival Seni (Arts Festival) that hosts various art stalls and street buskers. 

We left our home and proceeded to walk along Lorong TAR headed north to its very end before we turned left onto Jalan Dang Wangi for a short while. We then made another left turn at the Sogo-Pertama Crossroad onto Jalan TAR. 

We then walked south along Jalan TAR and upon reaching the intersection with Jalan Esfahan we found barricades along the road marking the start of the Arts Festival. We walked the length of Jalan TAR taking in the sights and sounds from the stalls and various performers to the very end.

At the intersection with Jalan Melayu we found another barricade which marked the end of the Arts Festival. We then turned left onto Jalan Tun Perak headed southeast until we reached the Masjid Jamek LRT station. Here we turned left again onto Lebuh Ampang past our favourite banana leaf restaurant, Restoran Kader and continued northeast to its very end before walking onto Jalan Ampang.

We continued along Jalan Ampang for a bit before walking across the Klang River onto Lorong Bunus Satu where we had brunch at Mansion Tea Stall. After our meal we continued onto Jalan Masjid India headed north until we reached Semua House.

Here we hoped to take away our dinner from Burger King which alas had closed down. As an alternative we walked over to Tepui Corner but they were only serving drinks. We then walked along Jalan Bunus 6 and entered City One Plaza. We walked up to the food court on the second floor to find most stalls closed.

Oh well, we guess we will have to order our dinner with the Grab app. We then headed home and ended our walkabout.

Lastly, we feel that it is our civic duty to remind everyone that while masks are now optional outdoors, it is still mandatory indoors!

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