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Saturday 31 December 2022

Penang Day 6 (Cat's Birthday!)

Penang Day 6, it's Cat's Birthday!

With nothing at all planned for today we slept in and woke up close to nine. I did video editing work before getting ready to check out of Hutton Central.

At twelve we checked out and stored our bags with the front desk then walked over to Hotel Penaga just across the street to confirm our booking for the night.

We walked out onto Jalan Transfer before heading to the bus stop at 7-Eleven along Jalan Penang to catch a free Rapid Penang CAT bus to Padang Kota. Here we walked across Lebuh Light then onto Lebuh Penang past the Merlin Hotel. 

We continued walking along Lebuh Penang before making it onto Lebuh Bishop. There were plenty of eateries here and after a while taken to consider the options the birthday girl eventually decided to have lunch at SmokePapa BBQ.

After asking the waiter for his opinion we decided on:

  • the Pork Rib Set for RM27.90
  • Smoked Pork Crackling Set for RM28.00
  • a small bottle of Heineken for RM16.80
  • a glass of cold Lemon Tea for RM5.50

Together with service charge the birthday treat came to RM86.00 (approximately USD20/EUR18). We then headed back to the bus stop at Padang Kota and caught another free Rapid Penang CAT bus to the Weld Quay terminal where we switched to the Rapid Penang 101 bus for a fare of RM1.40 (approximately USD/EUR0.30) to get back to the bus stop at the 7-Eleven along Jalan Penang.

We then walked back to Hutton Central to collect our luggage and then walked across Jalan Transfer to Hotel Penaga. The check in process was smooth and flawless and the first sight of our room was quite amazing.

If Hutton Central was chic and modern Penaga was anything but, in a good way. Our first in a long while staying in a boutique heritage hotel we agreed with Penaga's descripion of the room "gorgeously furnished with wood and antiques. These rooms will spice you up with the opulent feel!".

In our own words it felt like we took a step back into history. We will not be going out again until this evening as we relaxed in this comfortable and cosy room that comes with a jacuzzi.

We had a short but productive nap then I continued with our video edits. We emerged from the hotel close to eight at night and took a walk along Lebuh Clark before turning left onto Jalan Argyll then right onto Jalan Sri Bahari.

There were quite a few eateries here but the birthday girl could not make up her mind until we reached Bibik's Kitchen Nyonya Cuisine. Eager to experience Peranakan (early Chinese Straits Settlers) food from a Penangite perspective we walked in and were fortunate to find a table since most were there by appointment only.

We carefully perused the menu and settled on the:

  • Fried Fish Sambal Petai
  • Cincalok Pork
  • Okra (Ladies Fingers) Sambal
  • a large plain omelette
  • 2 servings of Mix Coloured Rice
  • 2 dessert servings of Bubur Cha Cha

that eventually came to RM115.50 (approximately USD26/EUR25). Our bellies filled and the birthday girl contented we walked out towards Jalan Penang headed southwest. We walked across at the intersection with Lebuh Campbell and continued on. We wanted to get a few packets of pickled fruits from Chowrasta Market, alas the shops were all closed probably due to New Year's Eve.

We then headed back to the hotel and had to remind ourselves to get to Hotel Penaga, not Hutton Central. 

We have an Aeroline bus to catch at eight thirty tomorrow morning, which means that we will need to hail a Grab car to Queensbay Mall by seven.

Good night everyone!

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๐Ÿ“ Location:
Hutton Central Hotel by PHC -
7-Eleven Jalan Penang -
Padang Kota Lama -
SmokePapa BBQ -
Hotel Penaga -
Bibik's Kitchen Nyonya Cuisine -

Friday 30 December 2022

Penang Day 5 (Pekan Air Itam, Morning Market, Gurney Drive)

Penang Day 5!

We woke up bright and early this morning and left the hotel at a quarter past eight. We walked to the bus stop at 7-Eleven along Jalan Penang and caught the Rapid Penang 201 bus for a fare of RM2.00 (approximately USD/EUR0.40) the bus took us all the way to Pekan Air Itam.

We got off in the thick of the action at the morning market and began our stroll. We walked to one end of the morning market and then doubled back before entering the wet market. We then exited and walked along Jalan Pasar until we reached the food court to have us some breakfast.

We had intended to have breakfast at the Laska Bisu (mute) but we were too early. We then took a stroll around the food court to see what the alternatives were before deciding on:

  • Wan Tan Mee
  • Toast Bread with Half Boiled Eggs
  • a round of drinks

that came to RM13.80 (approximately USD/EUR11). While not quite as cheap as our breakfast yesterday it could still be considered reasonable enough.

Cat then asked that we take another stroll along the morning market as she wanted to get a snack that she’s not had in a long time. Right at the end of the street she found the stall that sold Apom. We couldn't find a suitable description of it online though.

We then headed back to the bus stop from earlier and as we waited for the bus something else caught her eye. She was drawn to a diminutive stall selling Chinese New Year cookies and could resist getting a container of Fried Arrowhead (Ngaku Chips), a common snack during Chinese New Year. She also got the Malay sponge cake, known as Ma Lai Go in Cantonese.

We continued to wait for the bus but was denied passage twice, for various lame reasons such as the bus did not go to KOMTAR and we were waiting at the wrong bus stop.

Third time’s the charm as we finally caught the Rapid Penang 201 bus for the same fare of RM2.00 (approximately USD/EUR0.40) that took us all the way back to the hotel.

We were feeling a little weary and decided to stay in the entire afternoon. We took away from 126 Hui Ong Cafe the following Thai fried items:

  • Kao Kai Jiao Moo (Omelette with Rice) for RM9.00
  • Pad Kha Prao Moo (Basil Fried with Rice) for RM9.00

We had our lunch in the room then spent the afternoon resting and doing some video editing.

We emerged at a quarter past five and hailed a Grab car to Gurney Plaza. We had bought a few items that would not fit our luggage bags so we were on the hunt for a small overnight bag. After trying the Adidas store and JD Sports we eventually found the perfect bag at a Puma store.

We then walked out of Gurney Plaza and headed to our dinner destination. After a five-minute walk we arrived at Gurney Drive Hawker Centre and began to surveil the various stalls walking from end to the other. Most look quite generic and we settled on:

  • Penang Rojak for RM6.00
  • Prawn Lam Mee for RM6.50
  • Hokkien Char Mee for RM7.00
  • Coconut Juice for RM6.00
  • Apple Juice for RM3.00

for a total of RM50.00 (approximately USD/EUR11). In our minds the price was in accordance with the place being a tourist attraction and so we accepted that it was going to be a bit pricey.

After dinner we walked back onto Gurney Drive headed southwest before getting across Jalan Kelawai and onto Jalan Bagan Jermal. Here we waited at the bus stop, the first Rapid Penang 103 bus declining to take us while the second Rapid Penang 101 was full and did not stop.

We gave up waiting for a bus and hailed a Grab car for the same fare of RM14.00 (approximately USD/EUR3) back to the hotel. While my lower back is getting better, we will continue to err on the side of caution. Having said that, tomorrow is Cat's birthday!

(Do visit our YouTube Channel Have Perut Will Travel)

Thursday 29 December 2022

Penang Day 4 (Tawfid Pawanchi, Gurney Plaza, Nasi Kandar Pelita, Mohabath Pasembur)

Penang Day 4!

Feeling a lot better after yesterday's chiropractic treatment and rest, today we were up reasonably early and left the hotel at about nine in the morning.

We walked to the bus stop at the 7-Eleven along Jalan Penang and caught the free Rapid Penang CAT bus to KOMTAR. Here we had breakfast of Nasi Lemak and Fried Vermicelli at the Tawfid Pawanchi coffee shop. Along with a round of drinks our breakfast came to only RM6.80 (approximately USD1.50/EUR1.40).

We then caught the Rapid Penang 103 bus. For a fare of RM1.40 (approximately USD/EUR0.30) the bus took us to Gurney Plaza in search of an ice pack as suggested by Dr Chuah the Chiropractor. We managed to find an ice pack at Watson's here!

We then walked across to Foto President. Dr Chuah observed that I tend to slant to one side which is due to the rather heavy sling bag that I used for our camera gear. Alas a suitable back pack was not found.

We then walked out of Gurney Plaza and made our way across the street to the bus stop. We waited for more than half an hour before the Rapid Penang 103 bus arrived. Again for a fare of RM1.40 (approximately USD/EUR0.30) the bus would have taken us back to KOMTAR, but we decided to disembark along Jalan Macalister to have lunch at Nasi Kandar Pelita.

After four days in Penang this was to be our first Nasi Kandar experience, shame on us. I had the Mutton Curry while Cat tried the Onion Fried Chicken with Rice, and together with a round of drinks our lunch came to a respectable RM31.65 (approximately USD/EUR7). 

We then caught a Rapid Penang 101 bus outshop Pelita and for a fare of RM1.40 (approximately USD/EUR0.30) the bus took us back to our hotel.

We got down and tried several sundry shops before finally ice cubes at Toon Leong Coffee Shop to fill up the ice pack. We then walked back to the hotel and spent the afternoon tending to our respective chores, while I found much joy and comfort with the newly acquired ice pack.

We emerged from the hotel after dusk and hailed a Grab car since we wanted to take things easy. For a fare of RM6.00 (approximately USD/EUR1.30) the Grab car drove us to Padang Brown, wherein is situated a food court. Within the food court is a cuisine that we have not tried before: Pasembur. It is described as an Indian Muslim Rojak consisting of cucumber, potatoes, beancurd, turnip, bean sprouts, prawn fritters, spicy fried crab, fried squid or other seafoods and served with a sauce or dressing made with sweet potatoes and spices.

We went to the only stall serving Pasembur, Mohabath, chose ourselves a plate of various fritters and waited while it was deep fried. Once ready it was served to us with a thick red gravy that we initially mistook for chilli paste. The plate of various fritters cost us RM21.00 and together with a round of Iced Tea for RM2.00 each the dinner came to RM25.00 (approximately USD6/EUR5). 

Our verdict? While quite similar to the Chinese Lor Bak the red gravy was the defining difference, something we could recommend to everyone.

After dinner we checked the Moovit app and found a bus stop nearby that we could catch a bus back to the hotel. We then walked to the Padang Brown bus stop and after a while realised that we were at the wrong place. We then walked to the 'other' Padang Brown and soon enough caught a Rapid Penang 201 bus. Again, for a fare of RM1.40 (approximately USD/EUR0.30) the bus took us back to our hotel.

The pain at my lower back is getting better, and we will still err on the side of caution but if all goes well we hope to visit a morning market tomorrow!

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๐Ÿ“ Location:
Hutton Central Hotel by PHC -
Kopi Tiam Tawfid Pawanchi -
Gurney Plaza -
Nasi Kandar Pelita -
Toon Leong Coffee Shop -
Padang Brown -
Mohabath Pasembur -

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Penang Day 3 (Suspected Slipped Disc!?)

Penang Day 3!

We had meant to wake up early but alas we overslept again, and with good reason. The pain at my lower back got progressively worse overnight, and we had to seriously consider visiting a chiropractor as soon as possible.

I called a few chiropractors but only The One Chiropractic Centre was able to see me today. We fixed an appointment for 12:30pm later today.

By the time we got ready it was already a quarter past ten in the morning, so we left the hotel and strolled along Jalan Transfer. Roti Canai Transfer Road was filled to the rafters, so we strolled on along until we got to Toon Leong Coffee Shop.

We ordered two sets of toasted bread with a round of drinks for RM9.60 (approximately USD/EUR2). Breakfast out of the way we checked the mobile app Moovit and found that the Rapid Penang 206 bus could take us directly to the chiropractor in Taman Free School.

We then strolled along Jalan Argyll then onto Jalan Penang and eventually caught the Rapid Penang 206 bus for a fare of RM1.40 each (approximately USD/EUR0.30) in front of the 7-Eleven. Twenty-five minutes we got off at the Taman Free School bus stop along Jalan Terengganu and walked a short distance along Jalan Free School to The One Chiropractic Centre.

We were about an hour early and it being my first time filled up the registration form and waited. Dr Chuah eventually saw me at the appointed time and after about a ten-minute interview to isolate the offending area he administered the 'twist' that produced the pain-relieving 'pop'.

Hallelujah, I could stand up and sit down unimpeded by excruciating pain again!

The treatment cost RM180.00 (approximately USD41/EUR38), and subsequent treatments will cost RM110.00 (approximately USD25/EUR23). We thanked Dr Chuah and the front desk personnel Cheng, and I walked out feeling much better. While the pain was still there I had at least regained mobility.

We walked across Jalan Free School and had lunch at the Medan Selera Taman Free School (food court). We ordered the:

  • Curry Mee Stadium for RM5.50
  • Koay Teow Th'ng for RM5.00
  • a plate of assorted Lor Bak for RM9.70
  • 2 glasses of Iced Pat Poh Herbal Tea for RM3.60

that came to only RM23.80 (approximately USD/EUR5). We hoped to again ride the Rapid Penang 206 bus back to town but since it would be till another hour till the next one came we decided to hail a Grab car for a fare of RM15.00 (approximately USD/EUR3) to KOMTAR.

At KOMTAR we walked into Maybank to replenish our Federal Reserves. We then walked up and into ICT Mall in search of an external hard drive to back up our volumes of footage. We eventually found a Western Digital with a 1TB storage for RM186 (approximately USD40/EUR42).

Since Dr Chuah had advised me to get an ice pack to relieve the pain in my lower back we walked across to 1st Avenue Mall, but the pharmacy was out of stock. We were told to try another outlet at Prangin Mall. No such luck there either.

The pain in my lower back began to worsen so we hailed a Grab car for a fare of RM7.00 (approximately USD/EUR1.50) back to the hotel where I spent most of the time lying down.
Evening came, and paid heed to Dr Chuah's advice to stay home and rest. We stayed in and ordered take-outs from Grab Food:

  • the Char Kueh Teow with Duck Egg for Cat
  • Som Tum Thai Original for Cat
  • the Kai Jiao Minced Chicken Omelette with Rice for me

that came to RM36.30 (approximately USD/EUR8).

Although I have regained mobility and can stand up from a sitting position and vice versa without any problem the pain in the lower back remains constant. We hope that tomorrow will bring me a speedy recovery!

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๐Ÿ“ Location:
Hutton Central Hotel by PHC -
Toon Leong Coffee Shop -
The One Chiropractic Centre -
7-Eleven Jalan Penang -
Medan Selera Taman Free School -
ICT Digital Mall @ KOMTAR -
1st Avenue Mall -
Prangin Mall -

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Penang Day 2 (Nasi Lemak Ali, Sunny Phoon, Chowrasta Market, New World Park)

Penang Day 2!

We had meant to wake up early and take a morning stroll to our breakfast destination, alas we overslept. The niggling pain at my lower back was still there, which could have contributed me sleeping longer than expected.

By the time we got ready it was already 9:00am but we were determined to have breakfast at Nasi Lemak Ali so we hailed a Grab car and were there in five minutes.

The crowd was not too bad, we got our packets of Nasi Lemak and found seating within ten minutes. Two packet of Nasi Lemak came to RM5.00 and a round of drinks another RM5.00, and so our breakfast came to only RM10.00 (approximately USD/EUR2).

We then caught a free Rapid Penang CAT bus to 7-Eleven Jalan Penang, and from there walked to Chowrasta Market. We strolled along the morning market and at the end of Jalan Chowrasta turned right onto Jalan Kuala Kangsar.

Here Cat got herself two pairs of batik pyjama sets for RM30.00 each (approximately USD6/EUR7). We then doubled back to the other end of Jalan Kuala Kangsar where we got half a watermelon, half a cantaloupe and some banana for RM26.00 (approximately USD5/EUR6) to help with our digestion.

We headed back to the hotel to store away our bounty of fruits and retrieved the spectacles that I left behind before making our way back along Jalan Hutton. Cat found a hair salon and to her surprise it was very barbershop-like that catered to both men and women.

The 'haircut' cost RM45.00 (approximately USD5/EUR6) and Cat was most pleased with her new do.
We then caught another free Rapid Penang CAT bus from 7-Eleven Jalan Penang for a short ride to KOMTAR. Here we walked up the ICT Mall and across the pedestrian bridge to 1 Avenue Mall in search of lozenges.

We then walked back into ICT Mall and made our way to the bus top at KOMTAR Utara wheren we eventually caught a Rapid Penang 101 bus for a fare of RM1.40 (approximately USD/EUR0.30) back to the hotel.

We decided to have lunch at 126 Hui Ong Cafe next door and ordered the:

  • Marmite Chicken with Rice for RM9.00
  • Kam Heong Chicken for RM9.00
  • a round of drinks plus takeaways for RM8.00

that came to only RM26.00 (approximately USD/EUR6). We then headed back to the hotel and spent the afternoon tending to laundry and videos respectively.

We emerged from the hotel at seven in the evening taking a stroll along Jalan Hutton, though this time instead of heading southeast we walked in the opposite direction.

In no time at all we arrived at our dinner destination, New World Park Food City. After checking out their stalls we settled on:

Mixed Grille platter for RM28.00
  • Wat Tan Hor for RM10.00
  • Lor Bak for RM8.00
  • an assortment of drinks for RM4.00

that came to RM50.00 (approximately USD/EUR11) which in our minds was reasonable enough. We then walked back to the hotel. The pain at my lower back is gettting worse, and we hope that it will subside soon.

With absolutely nothing planned again, let's see what tomorrow brings!

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๐Ÿ“ Location:
Hutton Central Hotel by PHC -
Ali Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang -
Sri Weld Food Court -
7-Eleven Jalan Penang -
Pasar Chowrasta Pinang -
Sunny Phoon Hair Studio -
ICT Digital Mall @ KOMTAR -
1st Avenue Mall -
KOMTAR Utara -
126 Hui Ong Cafe -
New World Park Food City -

Monday 26 December 2022

Penang Day 1 (Aeroline, Hutton Central, KOMTAR, Red Garden)

Penang Day 1!

As mentioned in our previous post Christmas Day was a low-key affair for us. I went for a haircut then Cat and I headed to Brickfields for Banana Leaf Rice for lunch. We did not film our excursion as we wanted to take a break.

And so this morning we woke up bright and early and hailed a Grab car to Corus Hotel for a fare of RM10.00 (approximately USD/EUR2). Yes, we're taking the Aeroline bus to Penang again.

We arrived at Corus Hotel at 8:00am and after a short wait was told to board our bus. The bus took off a little after its appointed time of 8:30am and but for a twenty-minute pit stop at Simpang Pulai made good time to Penang.

Four hours after leaving Kuala Lumpur we crossed Penang's second bridge, the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge, and a half an hour after that we arrived at Queensbay Mall. We alighted then hailed another Grab car for a fare of RM16.00 (approximately USD4/EUR3) to our favourite hotel, the Hutton Central.

Traffic around George Town was bad, and it took us almost an hour to get to the hotel. Although we at 2:00pm our room was ready and we were allowed to check in an hour early, woohoo!

We deposited our bags and quickly made our way to Mydin store along Jalan Penang to get a can of Dettol Disinfectant Spray as well as drinking water. We then looked around for a restaurant for a late lunch and settled on Nana Tom Yam along Jalan Transfer, awfully close to the hotel.

We got ourselves seated and prompted order:

  • a bowl of Mixed Tomyam 
  • a bowl of Oxtail Soup
  • 2 x Plain Omelette
  • 2 x White Rice

that together with a round of drinks came to an astounding RM24.00 (approximately USD/EUR5). Do pay Nana Tomyam a visit for authentic Thai cuisine prepared and served by actual Thais at extremely reasonable prices. 

Lunch out of the way we walked back to the hotel. We showered, had a change of clothes and while Cat tended to the laundry (yes, our hotel room as a washer/dryer!) I immediately worked on organising the videos from earlier.

We spent the whole afternoon in our room and emerged at a quarter to seven in the evening. Rather than wait till we got back to Kuala Lumpur to edit our videos I thought I'd make life easier by doing it while we're here, so we headed out to Mydin in search of things to hook my laptop up with the hotel's TV.

We had no luck at Mydin, so we took a walk to KOMTAR's ICT Mall and got what I needed. We then strolled along 1st Avenue Mall for a little bit before doubling back and then walking out of KOMTAR and back along Jalan Penang.

Cat had a hankering for pickled papayas and got a bagful for RM8.00 (approximately USD/EUR2). We then continued northeast along Jalan Penang before eventually turning right onto Leith Street.

We had dinner at Red Garden Food Paradise which consisted of:

  • German Sausages for RM20.00
  • Belacan Fried Rice for RM12.00
  • Penang Rojak for RM10.00
  • Apple Cider and Orange Juice for RM22.00

that came to RM64.00 (approximately USD/EUR14) which was triple the amount we paid for lunch but triple the fun as well. We then walked back to the hotel. I had a niggling pain at my lower back, so I hoped that with some rest it will go away. 

We had nothing planned for tomorrow, so let's see what happens!

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๐Ÿ“ Location:
Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur -
Aeroline (KL) FLY From the City! -
Simpang Pulai Northbound LayBy -
Aeroline Queensbay Mall -
Hutton Central Hotel by PHC -
Mydin -
Nana Tomyam -
Octopus Pedestrian Bridge -
ICT Digital Mall @ Komtar -
1st Avenue Mall -
Pasar Chowrasta Pinang -
Red Garden Food Paradise -

Saturday 24 December 2022

Christmas Eve (DJI Action 3 Tests)

It's Christmas Eve!

I was again totally engrossed in my day job the past week as an important project made it across one of its many finish lines. With the last of this year's deadline met, I could at last focus on the fact that tomorrow is Christmas!

Last week we got our hands on the DJI Action 3 camera and I downloaded the latest firmware (V01.02.1010) which among other things supposedly fixed its infamous out-of-focus issue. We were eager to take it out for a proper test and so made our way to Sogo Kuala Lumpur for lunch. Please note our video was shot entirely with the DJI Action 3 except for some close-up shots of our meal, which was taken with an iPhone 12 Pro.

Along the way to the sixth-floor food court Cat picked up a handbag that was on sale. We made it to the sixth floor and after pondering for a little while decided to have Korean for lunch. We got ourselves seated at Dubuyo and after browsing their menu quickly settled on the "Meal Set for Two" that included:

  • Soondubu Jigae Chicken
  • Honey Mustard Wings
  • 2 x DubuYo Rice
  • 2 x Roasted Barley Tea
  • 2 x Citron Dubu (small)

that came to RM59.90 (approximately USD14/EUR13) which all things considered was reasonable seeing as it was again a novelty restaurant situated in a shopping mall. Lunch out of the way we walked up to the seventh floor where Cat got some wet wipes from Guardian Pharmacy while I took away my favourite Vietnamese Coffee from the Kee Nguyen stall.

We then rode an elevator down to the ground floor and got ourselves the so-called Platinum Collection Royal Chocolate cake which should be just enough for the two of us. With that we walked back home and began packing for our trip in a couple days' time.

Our verdict on the DJI Action 3? It does fine outdoors in bright sun light but tends to get a little soft indoors, grainy and noisy at times. It also tended to 'hunt' a lot in low light conditions. As with all DJI products audio is impeccable and its colour (outdoors) vibrant. Furthermore the DJI Action 3 is able to shoot time-lapse in 4K, something the Pocket 2 cannot do. Will it replace our DJI Pocket 2 as our go-to walkabout camera? Only if it rains. Mind you, we got the DJI Action 3 to complement the DJI Pocket 2, and not to replace it.

Christmas Day this year will be a low-key affair for us since Brendan is away at varsity busy with his Final Year Paper submissions and final exams. We will however be spending Boxing Day on a bus to our favourite island, the Pearl of the Orient, so please stay tuned!

(Do visit our YouTube Channel Have Perut Will Travel)

๐Ÿ“ Location:
SOGO Kuala Lumpur -
Dubuyo Sogo KL -
Kee Nguyแป…n SOGO Kuala Lumpur -
Secret Recipe Sogo -

Saturday 17 December 2022

Christmas Shopping (New Gear Day: DJI Action 3!)

Weekend before Christmas!

Focused on my day job for the past week or so I was immersed in the pursuit of several deadlines. With my deliverables out of the way we could focus on what was important: Christmas shopping!

We had been using the DJI Pocket 2 for more than a year now without complaint, until the monsoon season descended, that is. With it raining almost daily it was time we invested in a second small system which turned out to be its cousin, the DJI Action 3.

As with most camera stuff we buy there was almost always only one store in mind, Altech Camera. We hopped into a Grab car to Berjaya Times Square and took an elevator up to the sixth floor but alas Altech was not yet open.

I called CM (our usual go-to guy) and was told to come back a little later. We then went back down to the ground floor and spent some time shopping at LC Waikiki. We found matching Christmas T-shirts as well as several short pants for Cat.

We then headed back up to Altech and soon enough got our hands on a brand new DJI Action 3. We opted for the Adventure Combo that among other things came with:

  • 3 x DJI Extreme Battery for Osmo Action
  • DJI Multifunctional Battery Case for Osmo Action 3
  • 2 x DJI Lens Protective Cover for Osmo Action 3
  • 2 x DJI Adhesive Base Kit for Osmo Action 3
  • DJI Extension Rod Kit for Osmo Action, Action 2 & Action 3 (4.9')
  • Horizontal/Vertical Protective Frame
  • 2 x Locking Screw
  • USB Type-C PD Charging Cable

For RM2,199.00 (approximately USD/EUR500) we thought it was a bargain since the three batteries would come in handy on a long day of walkabouts. A couple of 128GB Sandisk Ultra Micro SD Memory Cards for RM150.00 each (approximately USD/EUR34) rounded up our shopping at Altech. 

We bade Eric and gang farewell before heading to the elevator where lo and behold we bumped into CM! We wished him a merry Christmas and made our way down to the Lower Ground Floor.

We planned to have lunch here at the food court (Taste of Asia) but could not find an empty table, so we exited Berjaya Times Square and headed to Sungei Wang Plaza. Here we walked up to the third floor and to Vinh City Vietnamese restaurant. We ordered the customary:

  • Beef Fried Rice
  • Beef Noodle Soup
  • Vietnamese Coffee
  • 2 servings of Green Tea

that came to RM43.61 (approximately USD/EUR10) which in our minds was not too back seeing as it was a novelty restaurant situated within a shopping mall. Lunch out of the way we walked across the third floor to get some provisions from Mr DIY.

We headed down to the ground floor where I found a pair of glasses I liked. We were asked to come back in an hour to pick up the glasses, so we walked to an ATM nearby to replenish our Federal Reserves since I had paid for the glasses in cash. We then walked into a pharmacy looking for hand sanitisers.

To while away the time we had drinks at Ah Cheng Laksa and as promised, my glasses were ready within the hour. We then walked into another pharmacy so that Cat could get a bottle of shower foam. We then hailed a Grab car and made our way home.

We will be spending the week of Christmas at our favourite island, the Pearl of the Orient, so please stay tuned!

(Do visit our YouTube Channel Have Perut Will Travel)

๐Ÿ“ Location:
Berjaya Times Square -
LC Waikiki -
Altech Camera -
Sungei Wang Plaza -
Vinh City Vietnamese Cuisine -
Eyes Vision Optical -
GUARDIAN Sungei Wang Plaza -
Ah Cheng Laksa (Sungei Wang Plaza) -
Watsons Sungei Wang Plaza 2 -

P/S: I downloaded the latest firmware (V01.02.1010) later that night, which among other things is purported to fix the DJI Action 3's infamous out-of-focus issue. We'll see how it goes when we take it out for a proper test in the weeks to come.

Sunday 4 December 2022

To KLIA Again (Brendan's off to Kuching)

KLIA Again!

It's been two weeks since GE15, and it was time for Brendan to return to varsity. We left home at 10:00am and arrived at KLIA an hour later. Brendan checked his luggage in, and we set off to (where else but) McDonalds for the Millennial's lunch. I had a large Americano while Cat and I shared a large packet of French fries.

An hour later and it was time for Brendan to board his flight. We said our farewells and watched Brendan (with his piercings and all) go through the security checkpoint.

We then drove a distance away for lunch at a place called Nasi Padang Minang Batang Kapeh, alas the restaurant was closed despite it being listed as open on Google. We then drove around and very soon settled on Nasi Kerabu Tumis Kok Lanas. 

Nasi Kerabu (*blue-coloured rice dyed with Bunga Telang or Butterfly Pea, Blue Pea and eaten with dried fish or fried chicken, crackers, pickles, and other salads) is Cat's favourite dish. We watched as the restaurant grilled some fish but since it would have taken a while for it to be ready we opted instead for the:

  • Kerabu* Rice with Honey Fried Chicken
  • White Rice with Honey Fried Chicken
  • Iced Coffee
  • Iced Lemon Tea

that came to only RM21.00 (approximately USD/EUR5) which in our minds was a real bargain. 

Lunch out of the way we then drove a short distance to a car wash since Puteh was in desperate need of 
some TLC. We got home an hour and a half later. 

We will be on a short hiatus until Christmas as I have to focus on my day job. There are several pressing deadlines to meet but once met Cat and I will spend Christmas at our favourite island, the Pearl of the Orient.

See all of you real soon!

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Thursday 1 December 2022

DJI POCKET 2: Timelapse Again!


The Northeast Monsoon from November to March is upon us, which means that we are officially in the month of December.

Much like the video this blog post will be short and sweet. It's been a while since we last tried our hands at time-lapse photography, and this time we're again capturing the Kuala Lumpur skyline with KLCC in the distance as the sun sets. 

We set the DJI Pocket 2 to capture a frame every three seconds, for three hours capturing the sunset an hour and a half before and after. We slapped on an ND8 filter for good measure.

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