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Sunday 28 December 2008

Xmas 2008 @ Hat Yai Day 5

Our last day in Hat Yai. We'll be catching the 12PM bus back to Kuala Lumpur. Predictably, we had Bak Kut Teh for breakfast (again).

Pretty quiet in the morning
Keeping the streets clean
The same shop as yesterday
We'll be missing this

 After breakfast, we went around looking for souvenirs and stuff.

Exploring back lanes and alley ways
Not as cheap as you'd think
Lots of pickled fruits
And a variety of nuts
We settled on a big bag of cashew nuts

Then it was back to the hotel for the last time to check out.

Collecting our passports held (safekept) by the hotel

A short walk with our luggage to the KBES office to check in, and we forlornly boarded the bus.

Same double decker bus
Brendan was sad to leave, Cat could only muster half a smile
No more smiles in this shot

No matter, we vowed to come back next Xmas!

Saturday 27 December 2008

Xmas 2008 @ Hat Yai Day 4

Our penultimate day in Hat Yai started off with yet another Bak Kut Teh shop for breakfast.

It was a wet morning
Brendan absolutely loves the tuk-tuk

Although along Lamai Songkroh, this shop (7° 0' 8.00", 100° 28' 32.50") was further down the street and it catered to the locals.

Anyone read thai?
The lady boss
Steaming dim sum
Friendly waiters smiling as always
And the even more friendly 'she-male' waiter!
We had dim sum and BKT, it was cheaper than yesterday's breakfast! (200+Bt)

After that was a spot of shopping at Robinson (7° 0' 14.25", 100° 28' 8.50").

Robinson (pronounced ro-bin-san)
Brendan looks exhausted from all the shopping

Lunch was at Rose-E Son again, at Brendan's request (which is rare, he never showed a liking for tom yam before).

Had roasted pork instead of squid
Pricey, but the tom yam was delicious
Still can't believe Brendan's eating (and finishing his plate of) rice
We're gonna miss this when we go back tomorrow

After a bout of shopping, Cat went for a foot massage.

Located right beside Lee Gardens Plaza
Someone's enjoying herself

In the meantime, Brendan and I headed to Chester's for teatime and to kill time.

A sight that warms our hearts
I want my 55Bt cafe mocha!
Brendan relishing his drink
Check it out, I could do their print ads!

Once Cat was done with her foot massage, we were off gallivanting again.

Cat invigorated after her foot massage
Located along the same street as the hotel
Plenty of shopping at Odean

After that our hunt for food continued.

A couple of hungry ghosts
So much to eat, so little tummy space
Mamma mia
Need we say more
While Cat was enjoying her drink..
Brendan was queueing inside..
For his favourite cheezy fries

Popped by the tattoo shop to bid farewell to my new best friend Mhen (pronounced 'meen'), the tattoo artist responsible for the latest additions to my body art.

The genius behind my inks

Later, being the night before we went home, we decide to have ourselves a little feast at the local Sizzler's located on the second floor of Lee Gardens Plaza.

Cat drooling over the menu
And drooling over the salad bar
View of the night market below
Someone's impatient!
Digging in
Hey, get your own beer!
Double racked Boston pork ribs
Can't remember what Cat had
Brendan had the kid's steak set (and free refills of soda)

And guess what, the bill came to only 1000+Bt, can you imagine that? Downstairs the air was still festive and merry.

The group was singing to raise funds for a chariable cause
My son the philanthrophist
There was even a free concert

Brendan and I decided that before we slept, we ought to get ourselves a foot massage as well.

This is the life!