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Saturday 30 September 2023

In The Cave!

Welcome to my cave!

I had been neglecting my guitars for quite a while now. They were my constant companion during the lockdowns and I haven't been able to pay them much attention lately.

I keep a repository of old (and not so old) videos over the years at my other channel, @fatboyblimp.

I'm just an average guitar enthusiast trying his best to keep playing despite the onset of stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger fingers) and arthritis 😭😢😪. 

I'm keeping a log of videos at my other channel so that I can watch it back one day when I no longer have the ability to play the guitar.

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📍 Location:
Havironia Music -

Thursday 28 September 2023

New Gear Day: LUMIX GX9!

New gear day!

With my lower back sorted I hailed a Grab car from Wisma MCA for a fare of RM9.00 (approximately USD/EUR2) to Berjaya Times Square.

During a trip to Penang last year our precious little Lumix GX85 malfunctioned. This prompted a purchase of a backup camera, and we acquired the Olympus OM-D E-M10 [Mark III] last August. 

This was our backup camera and as soon as our precious little Lumix GX85 was repaired we switched back to it.

Over a period of time and after many trips here and there we realised that the Olympus EM10 was hardly ever used. One big reason is its inability to shoot in D-Cinelike, a lower-contrast video with a flat colour profile, which was great for expanding our post-processing options.

We were then on the lookout for a suitable replacement, and recently CM of Altech Camera brought to our attention a preloved Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX9 that he had for sale.

So today after my chiropractic appointment with I headed to Altech Camera. Alas it was still closed by the time I got there, but after a little wait CM and his crew showed up.

Being the minimalist that we are, the Olympus EM10 was traded in for a very reasonable price. That allowed us to acquire the preloved Lumix GX9 for a very satisfactory price too.

Besides an upgrade to our precious little Lumix GX85 the Lumix GX9 was also able to shoot in D-Cinelike [we first needed to upgrade its firmware]. Furthermore both cameras used the same battery model and were therefore interchangeable, which was a big deal to us.

After sealing the deal I headed down to 4Fingers Crispy Chicken to get lunch for everyone. I then hailed one final Grab car for a fare of RM10.00 (approximately USD/EUR2) back to our condo.

Now we have two precious little Lumix cameras that we could alternate, and we could not wait for our next excursion to give the Lumix GX9 proper test. Stay tuned!

P/S: Cat did not accompany me as she was feeling under the weather.

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NOVA Chiropractic


I had been neglecting my lower back for quite a while now. What used to be regular weekly visits to see Dr Chin has grown sporadic, with the last visit 24 days ago!

With work consuming most of my time my lower back began to throb, a sure sign of trouble. Since today was a public holiday I hastily made an appointment with Dr Chin and hailed a Grab car for a fare of RM9.00 (approximately USD/EUR2) to Wisma MCA.

Cat was feeling under the weather, so she stayed back to recover.

Seeing as I was a little early I had breakfast at the diminutive Mamak stall nearby. A plate of Thosai (Dosai) and a hot glass of Nescafe came to only RM5.00 (approximately USD/EUR1) and by the time I was done Nova Chiropractic was open for business.

I will let the footage speak for itself. A bone cracking hour later Dr Chin was done with me, and I then hailed another Grab car to Berjaya Times Square. Be sure to catch the next video to see why!

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Saturday 9 September 2023

CHOW KIT Market (GOKL Free Bus • Yem Masakan Kampung)

Chow Kit Road!

This video has been a long time in the making. Among the most famous streets in all of Kuala Lumpur, we've been meaning to do a walkabout video for a very long time.

Today is the day, so we left our condo and headed to the Capsquare Bus Stop where we boarded a GOKL Free Bus that took us to the Monorail Chow Kit Bus Stop. We walked across Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah underneath the Monorail Station onto Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

We stopped for a while to get some footage of the DBKL Hawker's Centre where we usually ordered our meals from through the Grab App.

We then continued our walkabout and soon entered the Chow Kit Road Market. We will let the footage paint the words for you!

Taken from the Visit Malaysia website: "Chow Kit has been a reliable place to purchase fruits, spices, meat, vegetables, clothes, shoes and so on. For generations, the Chow Kit is a wet market frequented by many to obtain the freshest ingredients for their household and also for some restaurant owners. This place may not be somewhere visitors may want to visit because it is in fact a wet market but this is the only place where you can try out local foods at a very low price. The market here begins as early at 6am and you can expect to experience lively and culture rich scenes here."

At the end of our Chow Kit Road Market walkabout we decided on an early lunch and after wandering around for a little bit we decided on Yem Masakan Kampung. I had the Spiced Fried Chicken with Rice while Cat tried the Grilled Torpedo Scad (Mackerel) with Rice. Together with a round of drinks our lunch came to RM21.50 (approximately USD5/EUR4).

We then headed back to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and caught another GOKL Free Bus back to the Globe KL Bus Stop where we walked back to our condo.

We are hoping to wake up early tomorrow morning to experience the Kuala Lumpur Car Free Day that is held every Sunday around our area, so please stay tuned!

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📍 Location:
KL32 Capsquare Bus Stop -
KL52 Monorail Chow Kit Bus Stop -
KL37 Globe KL Bus Stop -