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Friday 1 January 2016

New Year’s Resolution

I am 170 centimetres in height and 97 kilograms in weight. My Body Mass Index reads 33.56 which plain and simple means I am OBESE. Losing 11 kilograms will mean I will have progressed from OBESE to OVERWEIGHT; losing another 14 means I will have a NORMAL Body Mass Index reading.

That’s a whopping 24 kilograms to lose, and if I embark on a modest plan to lose one kilogram per month I will only be able to achieve my ideal weight of 72 kilograms in about two years’ time.

I have a waistline of 38 inches, and simple tasks like bending over to tie my shoelaces now leaves me breathless.

I however take comfort in the fact that muscle is a denser tissue than fat, and an abundance of lean mass raises weight on the scale -- which means I’m bound to have a high BMI. However, because my excess weight comes from muscle, not excess fat, theoretically I won't have the related health risks associated with carrying too much body fat.

I have a mini gym at home and carry weights when time permits; I have accumulated both fat and muscle (for the moment its more fat, less muscle). BMI Mistakes Muscle for Fat. BMI uses your weight in the formula but doesn't distinguish if that weight comes from an abundance of fat or from lean tissue. Gym enthusiasts who carry a great deal of muscle may seem heavy for their height or overall size, but that's because muscle is denser than fat

That being said, I have set a more realistic goal of weighing in less than 90 kilograms and a waistline of between 35-36 inches. To achieve this, besides engaging in usual and strenuous cardiovascular activities I will need to be very mindful of what, how much and when I eat. A direct impact of this would be the drastic reduction of posting on our blog.

Wish me luck!