31 July 2011

Selangor Mansion Tea House a.k.a. Abang Abu

Selangor Mansion Tea House
Flat Selangor Mansion
Jalan Bunus, City Centre
50100 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: 3° 9' 7.00", 101° 41' 50.50")

Selangor Mansion Tea House is the fancy name for our absolute fav Mamak hole-in-the-wall stall. Affectionately known among us as 'Abang Abu' (don't ask me why, its a long story), this has got to be our family's default mamak stall.

Located a stone's throw away from our condo, it is also along the way to Brendan's school. We have been patronizing this stall since we moved into our condo some 6 years ago, but for some reason we have neglected to mention it here (go figure!).

I know I'm probably being biased, but Abang Abu's teh tarik (pulled tea?) is the ABSOLUTE best in all of Mamakdom!

Chicken curry, poppadom & rice..
Brendan's staple diet since way back when!
someone can hardly wait!
Our fav hole-in-the-wall stall:)
and guess what? its open 24/7..
Doin' his thang:)
it draws a truly muti-racial crowd:)
Cat's default mamak fare..
she's got something for maggi mee..
I had chapatti with mutton curry.

If you're ever in the neighbourhood, be sure to pay this stall a visit even if its only for refreshments.. satisfaction guaranteed!

09 July 2011

Bersih 2.0 - from within the eye of the storm

I'm torn..

On the one hand, I understand why some need to resort to street demonstrations to make their views heard. On the other hand, I also fear for its ramifications. It only takes a little to ignite the fire within to turn peaceful demonstrations to all out rioting.

I feel for those who've had enough with the sad state of affairs, but I feel even more for my family for whom I am the sole breadwinner to. Yes, I've been told its 'just a peaceful walk' but for me this 'little' walk has elements of wild abandon I can ill afford right now.

So, for better or for worse I'm sitting on the fence. The photos below are not so much about Bersih 2.0, but about how the city centre became a ghost  town because of it..

AM Updates: Went out for breakfast only to find most shops closed. Used a point-and-shoot camera so as to not attract attention.

Jln Munshi Abdullah towards Jln Ampang
along Jln Munshi Abdullah
along Jln Munshi Abdullah
along Jln Dang Wangi
along Jln Dang Wangi
along Jln Dang Wangi
along Jln Dang Wangi
along Jln Doraisamy
along Jln Dang Wangi
along Jln Munshi Abdullah
Eye in the sky (big brother's watching)

PM Updates: Went out for lunch, still the roads were desolate. This time felt a little bolder so I brought my DSLR along.

along Jln Munshi Abdullah
along Jln Munshi Abdullah
along Jln TAR
along Jln TAR
along Jln Raja Laut
along Jln Raja Laut
along Jln Esfahan (Sogo)
along Jln TAR
along Jln Dang Wangi
Bus/Taxi lanes between Sogo and Pertama
along Jln TAR (more uniforms than civilians)
along Lorong TAR (night market)
Dang Wangi Police Station
our condo
PDRM chopper on a slalom course (between buildings)

Note: I'm glad I didn't join in the 'walk', I later learnt the tear gas might have proved fatal for someone with asthma (me)..

Train and Bus Hopping

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