31 December 2012

Living with Hypothyroidism

It’s been six months since the hospitalization. I’ve been in recovery ever since (physiotherapy and medication), and am glad to report that things are going on fine. Although I’m still using a walking stick I think it won’t be long till I’ll be liberated.

There is still a ‘pinching’ pain in the lower back, especially in the morning but it is not as severe as before (when I literally double over in debilitating pain). Since the term used by the rheumatologist was ‘degenerated’ lumbar, and since hope springs eternal, we are confident of ‘regenerating’ the lumbar.

Naturally with a walking stick mobility is restricted, and while we’ve been to several places I found using the DSLR to be burdensome (balancing yourself with a walking stick while trying to focus the camera is no mean feat!) and since this is a photo-blog after all, I’ve not been posting.

Remember the off the charts readings when I was hospitalized? It now has stabilized, and reads as follows: -

T3: 5.33 (normal levels from 2.23 to 5.35) – normalized
T4: 20.7 (normal levels 9.1 to 24.4) – normalized
TSH: 0.06 (normal levels is from 0.30 to 4.64) – went the other way?

And oh, I will be medicated for life to ensure the hormone levels are balanced. Here's hoping for a marvellous new year!

Cat and I (+ walking stick) on a walkabout J