13 February 2011

Restoran Win Heng Seng

Restoran Win Heng Seng
183, Jalan Imbi
50100 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: 3° 8' 43.75", 101° 42' 54.00")

Brendan had extra classes at school today till 12:30PM, and he's due for tuition at Ampang 2 hours later. We decided to have lunch near our home, and ended up in Imbi.

We've seen this restaurant before but parking is quite a challenge in this area. We ended up paying RM4 just to park nearby.

Pressed for time, and being new to the place we played it safe and ordered 3 plates of Wan Tan Mee.. and guess what? It was divine!

Its the shop at the corner
Right on the main street
Brendan still in uniform
Eat and run (to his next class)
A bit pricey (RM5 per plate), I guess that's the going rate in Imbi?
But in the end it was well worth it, I guess

We found out later the kueh tiau soup here is quite good as well (we noticed quite a few patrons ordering bowls of it). We'll be back soon!

07 February 2011

Caveat Emptor - Restoran 9898

Restoran Nine Eight Nine Eight (9898)
Jalan Pandan Indah 4/10
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: 3° 7' 56.00", 101° 45' 11.00")

This time we've not writing to recommend a shop. On the contrary, its to issue a stern Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) statement.

Its Sunday afternoon, and after a leisurely drive around Ampang we found ourselves at Pandan Indah, and in particular along the street where this restaurang was located.

Looking like any other run of the mill  chinese restaurant, we decided to have lunch here.

Restoran Nine Eight Nine Eight
or is it Restoran I Ate I Ate (your money)..
Do you suppose their prices are due to their 24 hours status?

The photo below is of the chap fun stall we (Brendan, Cat and I) had rice. We each had only two dishes, but the total came to almost RM20!

The offending chap-fun stall

The drinks were another thing. Cat's  herbal tea cost RM1.80, Brendan's can of 100-plus was RM2.40 while my customary iced coffee was RM2.00.. can you believe that?

The guy in the center nonchalantly recited the mad prices to us!

We don't know about the rest of you, but we distinctly had the feeling we were held up in broad daylight. This is definitely a place we'll avoid like the plague in future.

06 February 2011

Malacca In A Day..

We were supposed to make a day trip to Malacca yesterday, but a bout of diarrhea put paid to that.

We reached Malacca at noon with thoughts of having lunch at one of the chicken rice ball shops. Alas, we found Jonker Walk swarming with cars from Singapore and Johore. Not wishing to be caught in the ensuing ruckus, we made our way to Melaka Raya where Brendan found a chicken rice ball shop.

EE JIN BAN Chicken Rice Ball in Melaka Raya
Patiently waiting for our food
Couldn't help noticing the murals
Pretty interesting stuff
We had a side order of sotong sambal as well
Cat trying to ask for some non-plastic utensils
Brendan has this every time we visit Malacca
Absolutely delicious sambal sotong

For dessert, we headed to Bukit Cina for some iced cendol. The stall is located at the foothills and is surrounding by gravestones!

The place was packed, so we ate on our feet
We found some vacant stools later

Our tummies full, we took a drive and found ourselves at Ujong Pasir (Portuguese Settlement, my spiritual homeland). We took a walk along the Benteng and took in the sights. Its been awhile since our last visit and we were pleasantly surprised to find a jetty there.

The jetty
Some kids were fishing here before we came
The Malacca Straits in the background
and posing..
My fav shot!
One last shot before we left
Lisbon Hotel at the far end of the pier
How Ujong Pasir has changed
Brendan's sunglasses broke soon after

Crowd or no crowd, Brendan would have been crushed if we did not pay a visit to St. Paul's Hill, our next destination.

Where else?
But St Paul's Hill
Brendan comes here religiously
Quite packed that day
Cat looking lovely as ever
Making a wish for his exams
My stylo-milo son
And his artso-fatso dad!
Me taking a photo of Cat..
.. taking a photo of me.
She loves self-portraits
The iconic A Famosa
Didn't know this place existed
right beside the hill, apparently
Last shot before leaving our beloved Hill.

Later that evening we parked our car some distance away from Jonker Walk, and made our way to the open air night market area. We found a quaint and rustic kopitiam right in front of the stage where people gathered each weekend to sing and dance.

It even has a boutique hotel at RM180 per night
Having an early dinner
Brendan loves the decor
.. for our food to arrive.
Brendan amused himself with the stool and barrel outside
Dinner is served
Brendan had the nasi lemak
I had the fried rice
While Cat had the curry mee
Brendan goofing around with my beer
Till he accidentally swallowed some!

Cat and Brendan then went gallivanting around the night market, while I stayed back at the kopitiam to enjoy my beer, the sights and sounds of karaoke from the stage nearby.

The 'japanese garden'
They stumbled upon this at Jonker Walk
A Dragon, an Ox..
and an Elephant.. we had no idea what it meant

It was already dark when Cat and Brendan got back from the night market, by then I was halfway though my second bottle of Guiness Stout.. (hic!)

Seriously, two small bottles will not render my senseless..
Brendan with his new sunglasses

After some hot cups of coffee, we left Malacca late that night. This was actually our first time doing a day trip, and I think we'll be doing more in the future.

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