Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday in Malacca

We spent the whole morning at Kampung Morten, a village of traditional Malay houses located in a bend of Sungai Melaka, north of downtown. We found ourselves in Melaka Raya for lunch and found an upmarket restaurant serving Baba Nyonya cuisine.

Don't worry, he's just pretending (he actually hates the smell!)
Brendan knackered by the morning's activities
The sambal sotong was delicious

Since it was my birthday, dinner was at a slightly upscale Baba Nyonya restaurant near Jonker Walk.

Welcome to Nancy's Kitchen
Cat was worried that we ordered too much
We had it covered though
Can't remember what we ordered, it was that plentiful

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday in Malacca

We celebrated my birthday in my spiritual hometown of Malacca. I am actually a very proud Terengganu boy but we don't know why we have this strong sense of affinity with the land of Hang Tuah.

Existing the Air Keroh tollgates, we spent the whole morning at the Mini Malaysia Exhibit (2° 16' 58.25", 102° 18' 14.50") in Air Keroh before headed down town for lunch. At Brendan's behest, we had lunch at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball shop (2° 11' 44.25", 102° 14' 51.50") in Jonker Walk.

Brendan at his favourite chicken rice ball shop
what to eat, what to eat
Waiting for our food to arrive
The shop had some interesting old photos on its walls
Lunch was finally served (and Cat glared at the rude waiter)
After lunch we gallivanted around the Jonker Walk area, and stumbled upon a quaint little coffee shop.

The bread spread was home made, and it was buttered not margarined
Brendan said it was the best roti bakar he ever had

Dinner was a simple affair at one of the many roadside shops along Jonker Walk.

We were captivated by the stage performance nearby
Brendan wants to go see a toy collection exhibit nearby

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