30 April 2013

Homeward bound!

All good things must come to an end, and we leave for Kuala Lumpur today. We checked out early and had breakfast at a Chinese kopitiam in Tanah Rata (Restoran Sheng Ming, 18 Jalan Besar Tanah Rata 39000 Cameron Highlands, Coordinates: 4° 28' 14.50", 101° 22' 40.75"). We were actually here yesterday for lunch, after all that trekking up and down Rose Centre’s hill.

This restaurant's western breakfast set was pretty decent, surprisingly. In fact, it was better than the western breakfast we had yesterday (perhaps the fact that this was not kosher played a part on our tastebuds?).

This is a good place to sit and chill while watching Cameronians go about their daily lives. We marvelled at how petite the orang asal (aborigines?) were, and how everyone moved about at a relaxed and leisurely pace. Even the uncles having breakfast at the next table looked relaxed, they were there when we arrived and were still there when we left, now that's the life!

located in Tanah Rata
my tonic for the long drive back
Tanah Rata (northbound)
Tanah Rata (southbound)
erm, non-kosher western breakfast

We then headed back up to Kea Farm to buy some vegetables, and boy did we buy vegetables!

ooh la la
where do we begin?
I got me some strawberry flavoured tea as well
take your time
there's no hurry
two bags full for less than RM50
don't forget the strawberries!
yeah, done shopping
will you help carry these already?
time to head back home L

Reaching Simpang Pulai, we decided to have lunch in Ipoh, and came across a street with rows upon rows of restaurants selling the same dish. We settled on a shop (Restoran Ayam Tauge Lou Wong, 49 Jalan Yau Tet Shin 30000 Ipoh +6052544199, Coordinates: 4° 35' 38.50", 101° 5' 3.00") to find out was the fuss was about.

this street only sells one kind of food
the biggest shop here
so we gave it a try
waiting to be served

We honestly do not understand the hoopla surrounding this tauge (or bean sprout) chicken rice. Oh well, at least if anyone were to ask we can say we’ve tried, but we don’t have to say we enjoyed it.

pretty ordinary
steamed chicken
erm, bean sprouts
Cat doesn't look pleased
time to head home L

Thus ends our highland holidays… Cameron Highlands, we miss you already L

29 April 2013

O.K. Tuck Restaurant

26 Jalan Besar, Brinchang,
39100 Cameron Highlands
(Coordinates: 4° 29' 28.50", 101° 23' 20.75")

After our visit to the Rose Centre at Kea Farm we came back to the hotel. It was timely as it started to rain heavily after lunch. We were pretty much trapped in our room, not that we were complaining since the rain made our room nice and cosy. We spent the afternoon watching a movie on Fox, and took forty winks.

By the time the rain subsided it was already dusk. We made our way to O.K. Tuck located just a few doors away from our hotel (now do you know why we chose to stay at Brinchang instead of Tanah Rata?) and were lucky to get a table since someone had booked almost the entire front area of the restaurant.

Has it really been six years since we were last here? My, how time flies but somehow things here have remained unchanged.

signage is a little run down
in the heart of Brinchang
we had tomyam & herbal soup
sustenance, as always J

Unlike last night’s steamboat dinner, this time it was fired by a gas stove and like we said before, we couldn’t tell the difference. Only thing is, we liked OK Tuck better because of its choice of soups (normal, herbal, tom yam or a combination of any two). Also, it’s priced at RM16 per head which is closer to the normal market rate here.

The main reason why we keep coming back here is the pork rib beer (sic) which we take to mean pork ribs marinated in beer. We’ve been hunting high and low for the same dish in the Klang valley but to no avail. We’ll let the pictures paint the words for us J

and here we go J
dunkin' in 
ooh la la J
my two favourite things J
so much steam that you can get yourself a facial
Brendan can hardly wait
Running out of soup? No problem, plenty where that came from
half herbal, half tomyam
Brendan can't get enough
I'm digging in
time to put the camera away J

I’ll make it a point to look for this pork rib beer (or its variant) in the Klang valley once we get back home!

Rose Centre

Kea Farm
39100 Cameron Highlands
(Coordinates: 4° 30' 10.25", 101° 24' 37.00")

Cat and I have been here before during our honeymoon (way back in August 1998). However, the next time we came here in December 2007 we could not find the place, strange.

Anyway, for the uninitiated if you’re coming from Brinchang town turn left at Kea Farm Market (where you can see endless stalls with vendors selling their vegetables and fresh produce, perpetually busy with cars haphazardly parked on both sides of the road shoulders) situated right before Equatorial hotel. Driving along this road right to the very end will lead you to Kea Farm’s Rose Centre.

There is an entrance fee of RM5 for adults and RM2 for children below the age of 12.

Brendan and the welcoming committee
it's been a while
what do you call these?
Dad's a fish
Son's a lion
Mom's a goat?
we have a picture of the dwarfs from way back in 1998

Anyhoo, the rose farm has grown much since 1998 and now has its own hill. We spent the most time here, having been first immersed in the soothing sea of flowers. This was where I went  nutty with my camera, absolutely trigger happy J

view from half-way up the hill

Cat is seriously contemplating retiring here J

We then made the trek up the hill and it was simply and literally breath-taking. The view atop the hill was breath-taking, while the trek up the hill actually made us gasp for air. Time to hit the treadmill, dears J

this was not here the last time
what's that?
looks like a garuda!
among my favourite shots
a little bit more to go
taking a breather
the hills are alive...
sunflower (the only one I know)
finally made it to the top J
enthusiasm abound J
lovely shades of purple J
look at that view 
imitating someone?
that view again..
and again
one last shot
before trekking back down
the god of ...?
time to head out for lunch

It was disturbing that it took quite an effort for Cat and I to reach the peak of Rose Centre. We’ve vowed to improve on our stamina (severely lacking at the moment) and attempt Gunung Brinchang on our next visit to Cameron Highlands!

Train and Bus Hopping

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