Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Garden Debate

Brendan was picked to represent his school St John’s Institution (SJI) in an age group restricted debate tournament (13 to 15 year olds) organized by Garden International School (GIS). We were up pretty early on a Saturday morning so that he’d be there by 8AM. We stopped by Restoran Safiz Corner for breakfast before making our way to the venue.

breakfast on a Saturday morning? unheard of!

There were quite a large number of teams competing, from as far as Malacca. Although it was his first tournament Brendan didn’t seem nervous at all, I think we were more nervous than him! SJI sent two teams and he was in Team 1.

the boys preparing
Thank you Cikgu Elizabeth

His first match started promptly at 9:30AM.

what, me worry?
with their esteemed opponents
yup, Brendan's a leftie

Throughout the day, Team 1 had a total of four mathes and they didn’t do too badly (what with it being their first time and all) chalking up 2 wins. Their first and last opponents were from GIS teams and while they lost the first match, they redeemed themselves by winning the last.

chill Mom!
Teams 1 & 2
Team 1: Haarandren, Sarab & Brendan
Team 2: Sri, Jazlan & Asri
Teams with their parents
final match
listening intently
and the verdict is..... SJI's Team 1!
Brendan with his badges

The boys decided to stay back and watch the finals between two boarding schools. It was an eye opener and they quickly understood why these two fine teams made it to the finals (charisma and intelligence aplenty).

well done boys
oi, watch the match

They also had a photo opportunity with the lovely GIS girls, cheeky boys!

when Goofy met Silly
when Goofy met Silly
when Goofy met Silly
with the kind soul who organized the whole thing

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