29 April 2013

Time Tunnel

UT/MR/F-255, Jalan Sungei Burung
39100 Cameron Highlands
(Coordinates: 4° 29' 50.00", 101° 23' 42.50")

We missed it at the first time of asking, and had to double back. It’s located approximately halfway between Brinchang town and Hotel Equatorial, on your right hand side so drive slow or you’ll miss it like we did. I guess it's time for us to get a GPS navigator unit, huh?

almost missed this place

in a row with other shops as well

RM5 per adult, RM2 for kids below 12yo
It is supposed to be Malaysia’s first memorabilia museum. We love everything about it, and the numerous memories it evoked. Words will not do this museum justice, so we'll let the pictures do the talking J

Cameron's rich history
I remember the flask of hot water
do you remember Milkmaid milk?
captivating stuff!
every town had a Main Road back then
much too much stuff to see and absorb
where can we get a rocking chair these days?
hats off to the person who collected all these paraphernalia!
old school game consoles on display
multilingual signboards even then
ominous looking, huh?
I remember drinking these when I was young
usually found at coffeeshops, right?

Cat with an abacus, not found in shops these days
my Aunt still has one of these!
yeah, right!
how heavy is that?
still more stuff to look at
doing your hair,Cat?
old film posters
my son the hairdresser?
imagine lugging these 'mobile' phones around!

bits of history
enough with the posing already!
wonder where these streets are now
fancy a game?
blast from the past!
mahjong anyone?
I remember these cigarrette cans at kopitiams
fancy a cuppa?
these sturdy bicycles are still in use today!
liberation.. what does it mean to you?
if only I could get my hands on these scale models!
I remember my parents having quite a collection of vinyl records
Guiness, my favourite kind of beer!
ice kacang!
everyone had one of these television sets, right?
my sister Vivien would love to own one
a bit cluttered, eh?
more clutter, hehe
we've reached the end

time to go
It's off to the Rose Centre J

Train and Bus Hopping

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