Monday, April 29, 2013

Highland Holidays Day 2: Cameron Valley

Cameron Valley Tea House
C7 Tanah Rata
39000 Cameron Highlands
(Coordinates: 4° 32' 43.25", 101° 25' 16.00")

To be perfectly honest we didn’t intend on visiting this place. We were actually headed further down to Ringlet to visit the tea plantations but about 3 kilometres after leaving Tanah Rata we were experiencing motion sickness!

We chanced upon this tea house and stopped for a breather, while taking in the sights. Must make a note to visit this place when we come here again. The view from the terrace where the food and beverage is sold is simply breathtaking, and provided us with a postcard moment. Definitely a good place to have breakfast the next time we're here.

welcome J
the view
the fresh air
postcard perfect
I could spend hours just taking in the view J
if only our backyard looked like this J
oops, didn't notice the shadow
walking back to our car
managed one more pose
and one more
and one more J
one last one J

We did not spend too much time here though (since we'd already had breakfast), and headed back up to visit the Big Red Strawberry Farm J

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