28 April 2013

Off to the Highlands!

Hypothyroidism can be debilitating if left untreated. At one point, I was not able to drive and had to depend on public transportation. Hypothyroidism however, is not an excuse for me to cease living!

It’s been a while since we went anywhere for a holiday. We actually stayed home this past Christmas because of my medical condition. However, things have progressed well and I am feeling sprightly again, backed by the encouraging results of the monthly Thyroid Function Studies.

The icing on the cake is I am liberated from the walking stick (never thought this was possible), and with that came the itch to travel again. Buoyed by this sprightliness (is this even a word?) on a whim we decided to make a trip up to Cameron Highlands.

someone's happy
growing boy needs to eat often
pit stop at the Rawang R&R

But instead of driving up via the customary Tapah route (which can be taxing) we drove up via Simpang Pulai. Yes, it is at least 40-50 kilometres further but we actually found the journey up to be more pleasant and bearable.

Actually we almost ran out of gas but after asking around Kampung Raja village found a temple custodian selling petrol by the litre. Thank heavens J

emergency fuel up
thank heavens
Brendan begged for this shot

We headed to Tanah Rata first and had lunch there (Jasmine Café, covered in our next post).

final shot of the temple
look what we found J
we've reached Tanah Rata
the familiar row of shoplots
time for lunch J
RM4 a bunch? wowee J
Convent school from afar
Tanah Rata's foodcourt

After lunch, we surveyed several hotels in Brinchang and found a budget hotel, Jasmine Hotel (a coincidence huh?) to our liking. It ticked all the boxes (it had an elevator which was important because our luggage was heavy!) and was clean and presentable. Our subsequent posts will cover this hotel.

at Brinchang town
at Brinchang town
view from our hotel room J
view from our hotel room J

We had dinner at an authentic charcoal-fired steamboat restaurant (Restoran Highlands, covered in our subsequent post) and before retiring had some lovely strawberry hot chocolate at a café near our hotel.

in the heart of Brinchang town
you won't miss it
Brendan quickly gulped down his strawberry hot choc
one more?

Then it was lights out, tomorrow is going to be a busy busy day J

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