Monday, April 29, 2013

Highland Holidays Day 2: Rose Centre

Rose Centre
Kea Farm
39100 Cameron Highlands
(Coordinates: 4° 30' 10.25", 101° 24' 37.00")

Cat and I have been here before during our honeymoon (way back in August 1998). However, the next time we came here in December 2007 we could not find the place, strange.

Anyway, for the uninitiated if you’re coming from Brinchang town turn left at Kea Farm Market (where you can see endless stalls with vendors selling their vegetables and fresh produce, perpetually busy with cars haphazardly parked on both sides of the road shoulders) situated right before Equatorial hotel. Driving along this road right to the very end will lead you to Kea Farm’s Rose Centre.

There is an entrance fee of RM5 for adults and RM2 for children below the age of 12.

Brendan and the welcoming committee
it's been a while
what do you call these?
Dad's a fish
Son's a lion
Mom's a goat?
we have a picture of the dwarfs from way back in 1998

Anyhoo, the rose farm has grown much since 1998 and now has its own hill. We spent the most time here, having been first immersed in the soothing sea of flowers. This was where I went  nutty with my camera, absolutely trigger happy J

view from half-way up the hill

Cat is seriously contemplating retiring here J

We then made the trek up the hill and it was simply and literally breath-taking. The view atop the hill was breath-taking, while the trek up the hill actually made us gasp for air. Time to hit the treadmill, dears J

this was not here the last time
what's that?
looks like a garuda!
among my favourite shots
a little bit more to go
taking a breather
the hills are alive...
sunflower (the only one I know)
finally made it to the top J
enthusiasm abound J
lovely shades of purple J
look at that view 
imitating someone?
that view again..
and again
one last shot
before trekking back down
the god of ...?
time to head out for lunch

It was disturbing that it took quite an effort for Cat and I to reach the peak of Rose Centre. We’ve vowed to improve on our stamina (severely lacking at the moment) and attempt Gunung Brinchang on our next visit to Cameron Highlands!

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