26 December 2008

Xmas 2008 @ Hat Yai Day 3

Its Xmas morning!

We wanted to visit Samila beach, in Songkhla (some 40+ km away) for Xmas and decided to have a hearty breakfast (not the frightful spread at the hotel, thank you).  Hopped on a tuk-tuk and off we went!

It was drizzling slightly
Despite the late night, they looked fresh
Paying for the fare (20Bt per person)

The tuk-tuk driver recommended this heavily tourist-populated Bak Kut Teh shop (
7° 0' 9.00", 100° 28' 32.50").

Again, don't know the name of the shop (along Lamai Songkroh as well)
Both my darlings looking fresh and alert, thanks to the BKT
If only you could smell the herbs!
It all cost about 300+Bt

Then it was off to Samila beach to visit the bronze mermaid. Hopped on another tuk-tuk that took us to the Hat Yai's bus terminal (
6° 59' 46.50", 100° 28' 55.50"). After some enquiring we figured out which bus to take to Songkhla.

The 'minibus' to Songkhla
Enjoying the music blaring at us

Upon arriving at Songkhla, this sculpture caught my eye.

Can anyone tell us what this means?

Then it was a hop on a tuk-tuk to Samila Beach (
7° 12' 55.00", 100° 35' 40.75"), can hardly wait!

The Mermaid's plaque explaining her history
We've only ever seen her in magazines
and here she is in the 'flesh'!
Brendan looking pretty smug
At the other end of the beach was another cluster of bronze statues
The Cat and the Mouse
There's an interesting story behind the monument
Ahh.. like father, like son!
Buying some tid-bits
Leaving Samila beach

On our return to Hat Yai, we managed to squeeze a spot of shopping at the Plaza market.

Clothes here were decidedly cheaper

Then it was back to the hotel, we went to a cafe at Lee Gardens Plaza for lunch.

No prizes for guessing the name of the cafe, eh?
We were absolutely famished
Wonder why Cat had such a devilish look
and the cafe mocha was to die for (only 55Bt)
Waiting for our orders to arrive
Finally.. feed me!
How we wished Chesters would set up shop in Malaysia

We went back to our hotel room to rest, we were absolutely knackered that we slept for a few hours. That night, due partly to exhaustion and Brendan's insistance, we had dinner at McDonalds.

Burgers again?
Brendan had fried chicken instead, smart boy
We had a Santarina serve us, merry Xmas!

Outside McDonalds, Xmas was very much in the air and the mood was festive.

Hello St Nick!
Brendan said this Santa Claus wasn't 'round' enough
Merry Xmas!
There were even Xmas carollers adding to the merry making

We went to bed pretty early, determined to make tomorrow an all out gallivanting day.

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