25 December 2008

Xmas 2008 @ Hat Yai Day 2

Woke up the next morning and headed down to the hotel's breakfast buffet spread. It was nothing spectacular.

See what we mean?
Cat only had appetite for the fruit bar
Brendan was definitely not impressed!
Brendan promptly dozed off while Cat ate what she could
Great view though!

Breakfast out of the way, we went to the hotel lobby to ask for a map of Hat Yai.

The front office was more than happy to oblige!

Armed with a map, we were ready to explore all that Hat Yai had to offer. Downstairs, we came across some street vendors peddling some pretty interesting stuff.

Birds on sale!

We were told that these birds are sold to those wishing to 'make merit' at the nearby temple.

Vegetarian chang?
Mata kuching, jambu anyone?

We wandered further down the street and came upon a lane (
7° 0' 18.50", 100° 28' 15.75") filled with stuff hanging right up to the rooftops.

Bags galore
Brendan got himself some surfer shorts
And a waist bag
Done shopping (for now).

The last time we were in Hat Yai Brendan wasn't even born yet. We remembered going to a department store called Diana, so we hopped on a tuk-tuk and went there.

Brendan can never get enough of tuk-tuk rides

Diana Department Store (6° 59' 52.00", 100° 28' 41.25") turned out to be a disappointment, it was run down and unappealing. I had no desire to take photos save for this photo of the indoor waterfall.

The only thing Diana had to offer (waterfalls in the background)

Feeling famished, we took another tuk-tuk to the same location we had lunch yesterday (the stretch of restaurants along Lamai Songkrew Road, 
7° 0' 8.75", 100° 28' 32.75"). We had chicken rice for lunch.

Don't know the name of the shop though

Its in the vicinity of the tom yam shop we visited yesterday (Rose-E Son), along Lamai Songkroh
Brendan obviously doesn't really fancy steamed chicken!
We on the other hand, had no problems

After lunch, Cat went to do her hair at a salon across the street.

The hair salon
Cat pampering herself
Cut, wash & blow for less than 200Bt!

Then it was a hop on the tuk-tuk back to our hotel.

Someone's got a new hairdo

Once back at Lee Gardens, Cat and Brendan went walkabout while I paid another visit to the tattoo shop.

Who's Shaggy, who's Scooby?
Xmas in the air

 I got me another tattoo to complement the old one I had from way back when. I decided on 'Yahweh' as it was my favourite way of addressing my maker. The tattoo artist (Mhen) stylized the fonts to mimic the Thai alphabet, pretty ingenious of him.

Later that evening we came across an elephant, I was startled and in trying to avoid its path, stumbled upon this quaint little shop off the beaten track (
7° 0' 26.25", 100° 28' 15.25").

We loved it coz its not the usual tourist hang out
The lady was startled by my flash
She soon got used to it
The seafood looked so, so fresh!
We ordered the fish
and tom yam, of course!
All this for only 170Bt!

We noticed that the shop was patronized by staff of the hotels nearby. I guess this is why the food was way cheaper. We later learned that this shop cooks tom yam in the southern thai style, while the shop we visited yesterday (Rose-E Son) served the northern variety.

Later that night, we couldn't sleep so we went to a stall run by this old siamese muslim couple.

Its right across the street from the Grand Plaza Hotel
Teh Tarik!
Drinks cost 20Bt each, its a bit expensive coz of the location

Went to sleep pretty late, and I had even more trouble sleeping now both my arms were throbbing from the fresh (self-inflicted) wounds!

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