27 December 2016

Final Morning in Dubai

Shakespeare and Co.
Ground Floor, Dubai Marina Mall
Dubai Marina
United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 25.076459, 55.139613

Today was to be our final day in Dubai. Ginny and Sern had some special planned for the afternoon (and night) so this morning we aimed to just chill and amble along around the Dubai Marina area.

Barely five hundred metres away is Marina Mall, a small-ish (by Dubai’s standards) mall located at the waterfront. It was here that Ginny and Sern took us for breakfast.

a good fusion 

(Middle) East meets West
simple yet comprehensive

wide variety of beverages

Shakespeare and Co. is in their own words is proud to have been conceived and developed in the UAE in 2001 and promises to be be unique yet familiar, elegant yet homely, classic and comfortable that offers quality food; charming surroundings, warm hospitality, value for money, and good times. A place we can feel at home.

it caught Sern's attention as well

English jam 

and toast

meets Emirati butter

and tea

With a gorgeous view of the Marina this restaurant is all that it's promised to be, and more.

splendid view of the Marina

right where we sat

Opting to be seated outdoors Sern, Cat and I opted for the American breakfast while Ginny opted for the ‘Healthy’ variant. Brendan opted for the Steaks and Eggs.

Ginny's healthy alternative

English breakfast

for Sern, Cat and I 


Brendan's steak and eggs

The breakfast was wholesome and hearty with a homemade look and taste. The décor, furniture and crockery were an exquisite blend of period French and local Emirati which lent to its homeliness. With a splendid view of the Marina our breakfast experience was second to none.

situated within Dubai Marina Mall

on the ground floor

After breakfast we took a stroll along the Marina, and have these parting shots to show for:

We headed back to Nuran to pack up and get ready to check out; soon we will be riding a large four wheel driven sports utility vehicle out of Dubai and into the desert!

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