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Tuesday 27 December 2016

UAE 2016 Day 05: Dune Bashing


A form of off-roading on sand dunes, dune bashing is extremely popular especially among the casual tourists coming to Dubai.

we were in capable hands

if only we could remember his name

and we're off

getting ourselves ready

for some edge of the seat action!

We waited in the desert until a large number of SUVs gathered and from that point on the leader of our pack of vehicles lead us through the stunts in single file, one dune after another. The main reason for this technique is to prevent vehicles from losing track of direction and getting lost.

we started off

in among the front runners

in for a treat

action packed evening

first little dune

depending on the light

the dunes appear brown, orange or red

up another little dune

and down again

the dunes get larger

and the ride rougher

a second convoy on our left

the pace picks up

but our driver keeps a safe distance

the gap increases

blazing their own trail

alley oop

a bigger dune

skillfully navigated

skipping this dune

an amazing landscape

and an amazing angle

harsh yet beautiful

 little precipitation

 barren area


yet gorgeous

and alluring

the dunes get steeper

a latecomer to the party

making up for lost time

our convoy grows longer

and its a sight to behold

a caravan of SUVs

traversing this arid land

At one point we catapulted down a dune at an extremely sharp angle, but due to the experience and skill of our driver to maneuver the SUV we were never really fearful of an accident.

 the desert was singed-brown

The land was flat and barren

the nomads called it Satan’s solarium

an odd brittle bush broke up the emptiness

basted and blazed by the sun

 fuscous-brown desert

 desolate and lonesome 

our convoy breaking the monotony of this parched wilderness

sand dunes

as far as the eye could see

stunning contrast of sun, sky and sand

creating our own dust devil

signs of civilisation in the distance

endless dunes

and our caravan grows even longer

reminds us of a scene from Star Wars

yet the cruel sun beat down

 and the sky was it's co-conspirator 

it's one malevolent eye unblinking

another latecomer to our party

not even a wisp of cloud to soften the harsh rays

We thoroughly the Arabian roller coaster ride known as dune bashing. It was a therapeutic experience dune bashing on a wildly bucking drive through the wilderness. All of us were shrieking and laughing with excitement as the car went up and down the dunes, and nothing gave Cat more pleasure than to see her chubby hubby being thrown about in the vehicle!

peering through the mirror

gave a different perspective

to our adventure in the desert

we neared the end of our bone rattling journey
back to civilisation

and back to normalcy

or so we thought

just as we assumed we'd be heading back to the road yonder

we took a sharp right and headed back

to ride off into the sunset

the sun looming large
beating down its rays onto us

another favourite wallpaper of ours

it adorns our desktop back home

who knew this harsh and barren landscape

held a beauty all its own

with contrasting colours

contrasting weather

we peered away across the broken waste of desert.

and admired its majesty

while feeling like Lawrence of Arabia

It was quite amazing to look towards the horizon and see sand dune after sand dune. The dunes are spectacular, offering a refreshing emptiness away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai city. Only later we realised that we were in a convoy of some fifty odd SUVs heading barreling towards one dune after another, an almost orchestral synchronicity of vehicles.

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