24 December 2016

Dubai Creek

Dubai Old Souk Marine Transport Station
United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 25.264788, 55.294060

Walking along the Textile Souk to its end took us right to the Dubai Creek where for 1 Dirham we get to ride a motorised Abra (wooden boat taxi) across to the Deira at the other northern end.

Let us repeat that in case you missed it: it costs 1 Dirham equivalent to RM1.15 which is practically a quarter for the Americans or twenty pence to the British to ride an Abra across the Dubai Creek.

a forlorn looking mannequin

the Old Souk station

Emirati flags flying proudly

not sure if he's a passanger?

calm waters

the Deira on the other side beckons

you would not believe the fare

all ready to go (and can be chartered as well)

collection of postcards

These motorised Abras ply two main routes across the Dubai Creek. The route we opted for was which was nearest to us was the one from the Bur Dubai Abra Station to the Deira Old Souk Abra Station. However Abras do not ply this route round the clock and services are from five in the morning till midnight only.

and here we go

it's our first time

riding an Abra

across the Dubai Creek

another tug and pull

and we're off!

Brendan's tattered jeans caused an old man to curse at him!

view of the Old Souk from the Creek

we're making good speed

headed to the Deira

I know it looks repetitive

but don't focus on the bow of the boat

focus on the horizon and landmarks to the left and right

If you plan to take the motorised Abra in the wee hours of the morning the second route from Dubai Old Souk Abra Station to the Sabkha Abra Station which is the busier of the two routes and accounts for around seventy percent of Abra rides.

Interestingly enough, Sern met an old varsity mate when we visited the old historical quarter earlier. He was in the UAE accompanying his wife here for work (I think?) and in his spare time provided tour guide services to Malaysians who came here for a holiday.

We met him again at the Abra Station with his group of Malaysian tourists and he suggested that we join him in chartering an Abra all to ourselves. Sounds good, and we quickly agreed to split the fare.

an approaching Abra

coming up to the Deira

while the Old Souk is in the distance

the motorised boat taxis of Dubai Creek

the sun was high by the time we crossed the Creek

but the weather was lovely

we're almost there

Sern and his varsity buddy

this is the other Abra Station at the Bur Dubai side, we believe?

but we could be mistaken

safely across

We reached the other side and proceeded to explore the Deira where Cat stood transfixed by the wealth of gold and jewelry on display at the Deira Gold Souk.

All done, we headed back to the Deira Old Souk Abra Station to catch another Abra across the Dubai Creek to head back to the Old Dubai Souk area, and back to Sern’s car.

leaving the Deira Station

heading back to Bur Dubai 
this time we got on an Abra will everyone else

goodbye Deira

we will come again

and visit your display of  gold and jewelry, and spices! 
that's a much larger boat, possibly a dinner boat?

Sern getting in some shots as well

a nautical festival where we were concerned

Deira in the distance

a boat race?

it's neck and neck

in capable hands

wonder what this is?

approaching the Station

about to dock

We later learnt that if we had wanted a personalised cruise it's also possible to charter and Abra by the hour. Oh well, we'll keep that in mind if we do get the chance to come back to Bur Dubai.

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