23 December 2016

Last Exit - E11

Sheik Zayed Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 24.910923, 54.962349

Reaching the outskirts of Dubai Ginny and Sern decided to make a pit stop at a rest and
recreation area that perked our interest immensely.

Aptly called ‘Last Exit’ and situated along the E11, this unique food truck stop is a first-of-its-kind themed food truck concept offering a selection of fresh and tasty gourmet street food in a fun, chilled and convenient atmosphere. Each location has its own unique theme and entertainment for all ages to explore and discover.

Check out all the different food trucks waiting to take our order.

ingenious and inviting

busy and bustling

Ginny and Sern looking for  a caffeine fix

cacophony of sights and sounds

Brendan fixated on the car in the centre

turns out I will eventually fall in love with karak chai 

UAE-fried chicken?

variety of choices

even Mexican?
Brendan's first Arabic Coke

While Ginny and Sern replenished their caffeine levels, I darted into the restrooms and was duly amazed with what greeted me:

the urinal

the sink

I took a few photos of the remarkable décor that lined the walls outside the restrooms as well.

all things automotive

are these tools even real?

fascinating decor

I also took a few photos of the fascinating facade that housed the restrooms, as well as peculiar looking dustbins.

an actual VW beetle on the roof

remarkable and practical dustbins

that promotes recycling as well

All freshened up, we continued the drive to Dubai but not before a few parting shots.

Brendan was fixated on this car

can someone tell us its make and model

back profile

ah, a Thunder Bird?

nwards to Dubai!

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