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Monday 26 December 2016

UAE 2016 Day 04: The Dubai Mall

It’s Boxing Day, and what a day Ginny and Sern has planned for us! Today we were going to visit the two most iconic places in all of Dubai: Dubai Mall, and the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa.

In order to beat the crowd we left Nuran bright and early and reached Dubai Mall at about 8:00am. We grabbed a quick breakfast at the nearest Starbucks we could find and headed straight for the lobby of the Burj Khalifa. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that required a separate post for us to adequately gush.

we came pretty early

Sern was psyched

had time to stop for a shot though

we were the only ones here

a quick bite

A full two hours later we came down from the Burj Khalifa and headed back through Dubai Mall to grab us a proper meal, but not before taking some photos of an Aston Martin on display.

right outside the lobby to the Burj

the name's Bond

James Bond

We had brunch at Café Blanc, which promised us a Lebanese cuisine with a mouthwatering contemporary twist. As we waited for our meals to be served Ginny and Sern suggested that we walk around to enjoy the sights around the café, since it was situated in the vicinity of the famed Downtown Dubai.

After brunch we headed back into Dubai Mall and strolled along this vast place which is the largest shopping mall in Dubai and in the world by total area. It is also the nineteenth largest shopping mall in the world by gross leasable area.

a recurring theme here in the UAE

the crowd was growing

but hardly any hustle and bustle

amazing architecture (and props)

grand foyer

this Mall is huge

clean, neat and tidy stalls

we didn't have to contend with large crowds (yet)


Right smack in the centre of the mall is DubaiDino, a long-necked whip-tailed dinosaur more than 155 million years old measuring four metres long and almost eight metre high. DubaiDino is a Diplodocus Longus dinosaur from the late Jurassic period.

hello DubaiDino

The remains of DubaiDino were discovered in 2008 at the Dana Quarry in Wyoming, US and it was flown to Dubai, and is the first sauropod skeleton comprising of actual fossil bone to be mounted in an upright position.

actual skeletal remains

155 million years old

despite being a purple dinosaur

the name's DubaiDino, not Barney!

Further along the Dubai Mall we reached a huge waterfall that celebrates Dubai's pearl diving history. There was a time when pearling was one of this country’s major source of income.

architectural ode to days gone by

before UAE discovered oil

pearl divers were important

an amazing creation

4 stories tall

Thirty meters in diameter and twenty four meters in height this waterfall is a masterpiece of Dubai Mall created as an ode to this romantic and dangerous profession.

we could gaze at this the whole day

as though suspended in mid air

Dubai does not forget its past

as it looks to the future

the daredevil pearl diver!

After a couple of hours exploring this vast space called Dubai Mall we were off to another Mall, built to mimic another aspect of Dubai’s rich past.

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