23 December 2016

Al Reef Villas

Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 24.455800, 54.672730

Ginny and Sern picked us up from the Abu Dhabi International Airport and took us straight to their lovely home just minutes away.

A description of Al Reef Villas, taken from their website: “Al Reef Villas is a full-fledged residential community that is situated on 1,000,000 square meter plot of land. Boasting a central hub that forms the heart of the development. Al Reef Villas development is articulated to accommodate over 16,000 residents, along with visitors. Another key characteristic of the project is its strategic location near the beautiful Al Raha beach and Abu Dhabi International Airport on the road to Shahama city and adjacent to the Abu Dhabi highway.

We showered and freshened up, and got ready to head to Dubai where Ginny and Sern had booked an apartment for the next four days, but not before taking some photos of the first palm trees we saw since arriving in the UAE.

Al Reef!

our first palm tree

private neighbourhood

Ginny and Sern's abode

one final shot of our first palm tree :)

Off to Dubai!

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