25 December 2016

Le Pain Quotidien

Dubai Marina Mall
Sheikh Zayed Road
United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 25.076925, 55.139666

Le Pain Quotidien is a bakery-restaurant group founded in Brussels in 1990, an international chain of bakery-restaurants. It carries an array of baked goods and coffee drinks as well as a dine-in food menu, and proudly declares that its bread is all made from organic flour ground on stone.

We agree that the wicker baskets, the pastries, the jam pot, the communal table and every other detail lend an atmosphere that is simple and natural.

a quiet late morning

salt and pepper

simple and plain

the beverages were enticing

The four of us settled for a round of Eggs Benedict each while Brendan asked for the Belgian Waffle. Ginny and Sern added the Organic Baker’s Basket which consisted of a selection of organic breads for good measure as well.

egg benedict

all round

our first time, actually

Brendan's Belgian waffles

Together with the Organic Baker’s Basket came a waiter with a tray of jam pots. We sampled several flavours and were quite pleased with what was on offer.

help is at hand

lovely spread

Truth be told Cat and I found the experience overwhelming, sitting in a French café sipping coffee while enjoying the view of the Dubai Marina relishing a cool late morning breeze. It was our first time having Eggs Benedict too!

Ginny's latte

very bitter Turkish coffee

Our bellies full it’s off to JBR Beach.

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