23 December 2016

Dubai Marina Walk

United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 25.199061, 55.248576

After BOXPARK we made our way back to Nuran. The excitement of being in the Middle East for the first time still lingering, but the reality of our body clocks still unaccustomed to the time difference soon became apparent.

Cat and I were soon overcome with fatigue and lethargy from the seven and a half hour flight and was soon in bed, snoring since it was past our bedtime. Although it was only 8:00pm here in the UAE and being four hours behind our bodies still told us it was midnight in Malaysia and that we ought to be asleep.

Brendan ever the young and energetic bunny that he is joined Ginny and Sern on a walkabout along the Dubai Marina Walk to take in the sights and sounds. It’s a seven kilometre palm-lined waterfront walkway dotted with global cafes, food outlets and restaurants that comes alive at night.

the Walk

Brendan testing his camera's low-light capabilities

all man-made

an apartment complex near ours

city scape at night

decked in neon lights

Ginny and her Sern

yachts in the harbour

never in our wildest dreams

other revellers
lively and noisy

apparently headed somewhere

ah, a concert it seems

Google describes Dubai Marina as an “affluent residential neighborhood known for The Beach at JBR, a leisure complex with al fresco dining and sandy stretches to relax on. Smart cafes and pop-up craft markets line waterside promenade Dubai Marina Walk, while Dubai Marina Mall is packed with chain and luxury fashion brands. Upscale yachts cruise through the large man-made marina, where activities range from jet-skiing to skydiving.

Goodnight Dubai, we will sleep tight dreaming of more adventures to be had tomorrow.

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