23 December 2016

Drive to Dubai

Abu Dhabi - Ghweifat International Highway
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 24.455800, 54.672730

We don’t normally do this: post random photos of roads and streets taken from inside a moving vehicle.

But it’s our first time to the Middle East, and there’s a first time for everything right?

Sern tells us the drive to Dubai should take between forty five minutes to an hour. We have never enjoyed a drive so much in our lives, despite the barren landscape safe for a few buildings and mostly billboards lining the highway to Dubai.

the only other vehicle on the road at the time

a random shot

overhead signboard

random shot of an overpass

ah, some structure at last

can you see the portrait of Sheikh Zayed?

a pretty quiet drive

barren landscape

some  body of water, at last

Oh well, hope you were not too annoyed with the photos. Like we said, it's our first time in the Middle East and even driving through barren landscape excites us.

We’re almost reaching Dubai!

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