Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xmas @ K.Trg Day 1: Intan Beach Resort

Intan Beach Resort
898-N Lorong Dato' Jaya
Lorong Haji Busu Batu Burok
20400 Kuala Terengganu
(Coordinates: E103° 9' 24.0" N5° 19' 9.6")

Our tummies filled, we made our way to Batu Buruk beach to check in to the resort that we will be calling home for the next five days.

Well worth the RM125 for the family room (ours came with a 1 single and 1 queen-sized bed configuration), this resort is highly recommended to anyone, especially families to spend a few days by the famous Batu Buruk beach, and just a stone’s throw away from food stalls, eateries and restaurants.

Here are some photographs of the resort for your viewing pleasure...

the rather diminuitive sign board along the main road
more pertinent details
the front staircase
the reception area
right beside Batu Buruk beach
view from the beach
view from the beach
view of the beach from the resort
view of the beach from the resort

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