07 December 2013

Subway @ Amcorp Mall

Subway @ Amcorp Mall
18 Jalan Persiaran Barat
Seksyen 52
46150 Petaling Jaya
(Coordinates: E101° 38' 48.8" N3° 6' 18.5")

Brendan’s got a get-together today with some friends he made during debate camp last month. After dropping him off, we ambled aimlessly around Petaling Jaya before finding ourselves at Amcorp Mall. Our stomachs were growling and seeing that it was hardly lunchtime (and I was still intent on keeping a low-carb diet) we decided to have brunch at the local Subway here.

outdoors for a change?
someone's chirpy

It was ‘Dreamy Saturdays with Seafood and Crab’ for the both of us, wrapped in a couple loaves of 6-inch Honey Oats and we decided to share a soft drink as well.

seafood means tuna, we gather
still chirpy?

our shared Coca Cola
we had identical sandwiches
digging right in

It all came to RM18.55 for us, and since its Subway taste-wise we had no complaints.

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