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Sunday 1 December 2013

Fei Lou Bao Kau Dim Sum

Fei Lou Bao Kau Dim Sum
(beside Restoran Kian Wah)
Jalan Batu 18/3
B&G Komersial Sentral
48000 Rawang
(Coordinates: E101° 34' 38.9" N3° 18' 52.0")

Our pillows were getting a little lumpy these days, and we made a trip up to Bukit Beruntung in Rawang looking to buy a few Kekabu-filled (Kapok/Silk Cotton) pillows, which apparently is resistant to dust mites and mildew (?). We each got a pillow and I added a bolster (or Dutch wife, a term I’ve been using since I was a child) for good measure.

silk cotton pillows, anyone?

We then headed back down to Rawang town looking to sample the local delicacy, which is steamed fish. Although we got the coordinates right, we could not locate Gerai Makan Fei Kee which we read served pretty good steamed fish. It being late and all, we settled for the nearest available restaurant which served dim sum.

not visible from the main road
beside Restoran Kian Wah

Located next to Restoran Kian Wah, we suspect that both eateries belong to the same proprietor since the personnel seemed come back and forth from both. I let Cat pick out a few plates of dim sum, while I added a plate of 1Lo Mai Kai. Brendan ordered a plate of 2Char Kueh Teow from next door which to his horror, came filled with bean sprouts. To salvage the situation Cat took over while Brendan ordered a second bean sprout-free plate.

1glutinous rice filled with chicken
2flat rice noodles stir-fried over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, chilli, a small quantity of belachan, whole prawns, de-shelled cockles, bean sprouts, chopped Chinese chives and egg

traditional Chinese breakfast
pretty much the same everywhere?
pork cutlets?
pleasing to the eye
I enjoyed this
Brendan ordered from here
bean sprout laden CKT (the horror!)
Brendan's bean sprout-free plate
the usual
there goes my low-carb diet

The verdict? To be honest, and not being much of a dim sum person I did not know if this restaurant’s dishes were any different from the ones found along Jalan Ipoh. On the other hand, Char Kueh Teow is one dish that seldom disappoints so Cat and Brendan were fairly contented with their meals. And the damage? We were pleasantly surprised (the dim sum joints along Jalan Ipoh are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination) when the total came to a somewhat inexpensive RM23.70 which definitely qualifies Fei Lou as an eatery serving the everyday food for the everyday person. We guess it does make a difference where eating out is concerned whether you’re in the city or in the suburbs. Case in point, the Char Kueh Teow here costs RM4.00 while you would be hard-pressed to find anything below RM5.00 nowadays in Kuala Lumpur, that’s a whopping 25% difference for a dish so basic.

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