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Friday 19 November 2021

Spring Cleaning!

ะฝello everyone! we are caั‚ and ะฝarold. welcoะผe ั‚o oฯ…r blog, creaั‚ed ฮนn ะฝonoฯ…r oา“ oฯ…r devoั‚ฮนon ั‚o ั‚ะฝe everyday า“ood า“or ั‚ะฝe everyday perั•on, aั• well aั• ั‚o caั‚alogฯ…e oฯ…r ะผeะผorฮนeั•, lฮนา“e'ั• evenั‚ั•, and ั‚ravelั• wะฝere oฯ…r 'perฯ…ั‚' (ั‚ฯ…ะผะผy) leadั• ั‚ะฝe way!

Kuala Terengganu Trip Day 3! 

Breakfast sorted, we made our way to Jalan Sultan Ismail and to a house left behind by my late Aunty. She passed away (of natural causes) last year and living alone her house was left unattended for more than a year. We have not been to her house since her funeral all those months ago, with the pandemic putting paid each plan we made to come back here.

This time around as soon as inter-state travel was allowed again, we made a solemn promise to visit and straighten out her house and see if we cannot make it a home once more.

We have not much more to say on the matter, so we hope that the time-lapse footages taken will help us tell you, our story.

(Do visit our YouTube Channel Have Perut Will Travel)

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