30 December 2015

Medan Selera Huang Du

777 Jalan Munshi Abdullah
Kampung Bukit China
75100 Malacca
Coordinates: 2.199449, 102.253348

It was our penultimate night in Melaka, and after a stroll along Jonker Walk we ended up at a very familiar food court. Perhaps it was the night before New Year’s Eve and maybe most Malaccans from other states had come back to their hometown to celebrate, because the crowd here was unusually large.

along Jalan Munshi Abdullah

large and airy

busier than normal

we love the bluish hue here

As always, we ordered twenty sticks of Pork Satay and I indulged in a large bottle of Tiger beer.

a firm favourite

tender, meaty and juicy

we've become fans

to (erm) wash it all down

Large and airy, Medan Selera Huang Du is fast becoming our default food court in Melaka. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of food stalls here selling a variety of dishes but we somehow gravitate towards the Pork Satay every time we come here. Maybe it’s because it’s something we can’t find readily available in Kuala Lumpur.

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