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Tuesday 8 December 2015

Restoran De Costa's

Medan Selera Portuguese Settlement
14 Jalan Daranjo
Perkampungan Portugis
75050 Melaka
Coordinates: 2.183794, 102.266626

The last time we came here it was in the daytime, and most stalls were not open for business yet. As we mentioned earlier, we hoped to come again to sample the seafood and hopefully find ourselves the notorious 1Devil’s Curry.

1a very spicy curry flavoured with candlenuts, galangal and vinegar from the Eurasian Kristang (Cristão) culinary tradition in Singapore and Malacca, Malaysia. It is often served during Christmas and on other special occasions. Kristang cuisine blends the cuisines of Southeast Asia with a western-style cuisine inherited from Portuguese colonial rulers

a whole different vibe at night

a bevy of lights, sights, sounds and aroma


definitely whets the appetite

Soon as we got to the food court here we made a mad dash to stall number 8. Why the dash? To avoid the countless touts that will harangue and harass you from stalls 1 to 7. Why stall number 8? Because the stall is of special significance to my family, and especially where my mother is concerned.

Ah Loy beckons

a stall that is close to our hearts

for reasons best known only to ourselves

Safely deposited at our table at De Costa’s stall number 8 (run by Roy or Ah Loy) we promptly placed our orders for the 2Sambal Baked Fish (the fish of choice was stingray), Fried Calamari, a very large omelet (because Brendan has a particular aversion to seafood, which may at times trigger an allergic reaction) and the Devil's Curry.

1sauce typically made from a variety of chili peppers and secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, sugar, lime juice, and vinegars

sambal baked fish

fried calamari

Brendan's omelet

devil's curry!

a potent combination

someone's started without me

It was safe to say we splurged on our seafood feast which was thoroughly enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the Devil’s Curry, which in hindsight will be a dish I might regret having later. Let’s just say due to my devil-may-care approach to dinner tonight all hell will break loose in the toilet later tonight!

It was also safe to assume that tonight's spread will definitely not qualify as the everyday food for the everyday man.

As a note of interest, we strongly recommend that you come here during Christmastime to enjoy the sights and lights of a distinctly Kristang flavour.


yet apt

a Kristang Khristmas?

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