08 December 2015

Melaka River Walkabout

(the general vicinity of Jonker Street and Melaka river)
75000 Melaka

We woke up pretty early the next morning and after an early breakfast at a roadside stall near our budget hotel we warmed up our sneakers and began our morning walk.

Ten minutes into our walk Brendan stumbled on this old abandoned building. He has a particular fascination for dilapidated structures and couldn’t resist take a peek (or two):

We found our way to Jalan Hang Kasturi and came across this interesting mural.

This Chinese painting of Eight Running Horses is supposed to symbolise one’s quest for success and fame.

We then took the Jalan Pasar Bridge across the Melaka river.

This naturally led us to the Stadhuys (the Red Square):

Walking further along the length of the river we came upon a Maritime Museum, and after paying for the entrance fee Brendan gleefully walked in. Not particularly interested in matters relating to nautical and maritime Cat and I refrained, and waited outside while he took his time taking in the exhibition.

If you notice, the photos above were taken by the both of us (Brendan on and in the vessel, while I "stalked" him from across the street).

We then headed back in the opposite direction.

We walked further along the banks of the river which was lined with shop houses boldly decorated with various murals and street art.


Walking for quite a distance until we almost reached The Shore. Feeling hungry, we turned back and made our way back to the general vicinity of Jonker Street in seach of something to eat.

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