16 December 2015

Kyo Chon (Pavilion)

1.54 Pavilion
68 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Coordinates: 3.149103, 101.713499

Cat and Brendan have been coming here a few times to savour the Korean-styled Fried Chicken. After much cajoling and persuasion I came along this particular time.

its actually called KyoChon 1991

tasteful decor

this is much needed later1

a famous Korean actor once came here

We ordered the signature Red Pepper series, which in their own words are "hot chicken made of red hot pepper".

in the words of The Human Torch: flame on!

getting ready 

let's get ready to rumble

They were not kidding! I might suggest that they add the words flaming to the description of their hot chicken. All in all it was a good introduction to the Korean fried chicken after having watched countless Korean dramas where the staple happy hour menu was always beer and fried chicken.

However, since the entire meal cost more than RM50 we will not be able to bestow Kyo Chon with the designation of the everyday food for the everyday man.

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