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Wednesday 5 June 2024

Spring Cleaning: 14 Hours in 30 Minutes!

Spring cleaning!

We awoke at half past seven and left the Airbnb at twenty past eight. Brendan decided to sleep in so it was just the two of us this morning.

We drove to my late Aunty's house, parked BiBi there and walked a short distance to a breakfast stall nearby, Pok Ceq Corner.

Here I had 2 packets of Nasi Lemak with Fish while Cat had the Nasi Berlauk. As we had breakfast Heng our neighbour and his wife joined us too. After breakfast we picked up Heng's tab, so another 2 packets of Nasi Lemak and a round of drinks for the four of us came to only RM22.00 (approximately USD5/EUR4).

We then walked back to the house, Zuhdi and his cleaning crew of three men soon arrived at 9:30am. They began work upstairs and only managed to complete the cleaning by lunchtime.

In that time they accumulated a large amount of trash which then presented us with a problem. How do we dispose of it?

Thankfully our neighbour Heng put us in touch with Jenny who promised to send a lorry over to collect our trash at 2:30pm. 

Zuhdi and his cleaning broke off for their lunch break at 1:30pm while we ordered in via the the Grab food app. We were excited to find our old favourite Minang restaurant at Jalan Banggol and promptly ordered:

Nasi Ikan Keli Berlada for Cat
Nasi Daging Rendang for me
2 Iced Sirap Limau
1 hot Coffee
for a grand total of RM40.90 (approximately USD9/EUR8).

The lorry arrived at about the time Zuhdi and his cleaning crew returned from lunch. Due to the large pile of trash accumulated the lorry had to make two trips, so the cost including labour to load the trash came to RM450.00 (approximately USD96/EUR88).

At about the same time the electrician Seng (also referred to by our neighbour Heng) turned up to fix a faulty light fixture that caused the electricity to trip each time it was switched on. This cost us RM30.00 (approximately USD/EUR6).

Zuhdi and his cleaning crew worked until it was time to perform their dusk prayers, so they broke off again for dinner and returned at a quarter to nine. Soon as they returned it was our turn to have dinner, this time our meal was off-camera as we were pretty much knackered by then.

They finally completed their work assignment close to 11:00pm, meaning that we had spent a gobsmacking 14 hours today overseeing the cleaning process.

Be sure to catch our upcoming videos of our hunt for Nasi Dagang and Laksa as well as Laksam tomorrow!

(Do visit our YouTube Channel Have Perut Will Travel)

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