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Thursday 6 June 2024

Warung NORAZILA Chabang 3

Nasi Minyak!

We picked you up again as we awoke from our afternoon siesta. With nothing planned we bounced around a few options before deciding on an old favourite coffee shop in Chabang Tiga.

We have a very long history with Warung Norazila dating back to the days when we used to live in Kuala Terengganu.

Being a fully-bred Terengganu boy it is my assertion that the Terengganu Nasi Dagang is the one true king, while all other variants mere pretenders to the throne. 

I grew up on a lot of things, but the one dish that I identify the most with my childhood is Nasi Dagang. In my prepubescent days I only need to head to the local market for my regular fix; any roadside stall worth its salt will serve the Nasi Dagang (wrapped in banana leaf) on any given morning.

Later in life the Nasi Dagang was not so plentiful, and I would usually head to Simpang Tokku to a shop located directly opposite the Shell petrol station for my fix. The Nasi Dagang stall that I frequented was run by a pair of sisters with identical protruding front teeth (the sisters were however, not identical twins. They were not even twins, come to think of it.)

We moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2002 and came back every now and then, and each time we made sure Simpang Tokku was high in our list of places of interest. Then a few years ago the unimaginable happened; the sisters stopped selling their Nasi Dagang at Simpang Tokku!

Faced with the prospect of going through life devoid of my Nasi Dagang I began an earnest search for the sisters with the protruding teeth. Searching long and hard (bless the internet) yielded several clues and clear indications, and on our very next trip to Kuala Terengganu we found Warong Norazila. Apparently the sisters ran both the Simpang Tokku and Kuala Ibai stalls up until a few years ago and have since retired. They let go of the Simpang Tokku stall and left the Kuala Ibai stall in the hands of their successors (nieces and other assortment of relatives).

We recently read online that Warung Norazila had revived its stall in the original spot in Simpang Tokku, which was where we were heading to dinner. We arrived at half past six and promptly ordered:

  • 2 Nasi Minyak with Beef Gulai
  • 1 Nasi Minyak with Chicken Gulai
  • 1 Nasi Kunyit with Ikan Tongkol
  • 3 Iced Teas
  • 2 packets of sweet cakes 

for a grand total of only RM41.00 (approximately USD9/EUR8).

We then received an invitation from my old friend Vinodh to have dinner with him at a restaurant very close to the Airbnb. Since we already had dinner we agreed to join him and his merry gang of wine tasters for drinks later.

We left Warung Norazila at half past seven and went in search of lip balm. We eventually found a pharmacy along Jalan Sultan Ismail. We then proceeded to my late Aunty's house to drop off the flip flops we got earlier in the day, as well as check up on things.

We then drove back to the Airbnb and walked a short distance to Restoran Ocean where we were meeting Vinodh and his friends. For the next four hours we chatted and caught up with old times as bottles of spirits kept us company. We broke off at one in the morning then walked over to Ali Spices Restaurant right next to the Airbnb for supper.

A thosai, cheese nan and a bevy of drinks later for RM16.50 (approximately USD4/EUR3) we headed back to the Airbnb to retire for the next.

Breakfast tomorrow is in the balance, so perhaps we will pick you up for lunch instead?

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📍 Location:
Warung Norazila Chabang 3 -

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