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Friday 7 June 2024

KT Joyride Part 2: My Old Home • Adnan Keropok • Gerai Kuih Gong Kapas

Joyride Part 2!

We picked you up again after having lunch at Nasi Minyak Wan Sebanun. We were planning on going on a small shopping spree at a Keropok stall as well as a sweet cakes stall a little later. With it being Friday and all businesses closed for prayers we had time to burn so we decided to head to my old home in the suburb of Bukti Payung.

We drove southwest along Jalan Kuala Berang for about twenty minutes before arriving at the tiny town of Bukit Payung. I took some photos and footage of my old home along Lorong Haji Sidek. Truth be told my family and I stayed here only briefly but in that short space of time many good memories were formed. I was thirteen at the time, and I remember getting chicken pox that required a week's quarantine.

We eventually moved away since my parents could not cope with the (then) long commute to and from Kuala Terengganu.

It was nice to reminisce for a while as I tried to remember the house as it used to look.

We then turned back and on our way back to Kuala Terengganu stopped by a housing estate that my other late Aunty used to stay. We drove down Lorong Taman Tasek 2 but for the life of me couldn't recall which house was hers.

Oh well, we resumed our leisurely drive and headed to Adnan Keropok over at Losong. We missed this Keropok stall so went a little overboard since we eventually settled on.

  • 5 packets of Keropok Keping
  • 10 packets of Keropok Lekor
  • 10 bottles of Lada (Dipping Sause)
  • 10 packets of Keropok Sira Berlada (Sweet & Spicy Fish Crackers)

Our haul from Adnan Keropok eventually came to RM180.00 (approximately USD38/EUR35).

We then hopped back into BiBi and drove to Gong Kapas in search of sweet cakes. We arrived at Gerai Kuih Gong Kapas and were in luck since the stall was just opening for business after Friday prayers. If it were up to us we would bought every single cake on display, but we prudently settled on:

  • 2 packets of Kuih Akok
  • 2 packets of Seri Kaya (with and without glutinous rice)
  • 1 packet of Rojak Betik
  • 1 packet of Laksam Kuah Putih
  • 1 packet of Roti Jala
  • 2 packets of Jalur Emas
  • 1 packet of Popiah Simpul
  • 1 packet of Cream Puff
  • 1 packet of Chocolate Brownies
  • 1 packet of Kuih Tepung Pelita

for a grand total of only RM70.00 (approximately USD15/EUR14).

Be sure to catch our upcoming post of our final night in Kuala Terengganu!

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