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Monday 27 January 2020

UAE2020 Day 07: Bur Dubai Walkabout (Again)

Today would be our 3rd and final day in Dubai and we were due to check out of the hotel by 11am. We woke up reasonably early so as to have a little more time exploring our most favourite area of Dubai before heading back to Abu Dhabi.

our hastily (un)made bed

We also had a small errand to run. We hoped to see Asim of Laura Mars Perfumes again so that we could add to the collection that we had already purchased from him. 

Brendan was feeling a little under the weather this morning, so it will just be Cat and I on this morning’s walkabout. As always we headed out of the hotel towards the main road which is Al Fahidi Street. From here we headed west all the way to the junction that turns right where the Dubai Museum is.

We walked north past the museum and then changed directions along Ali Bin Taleb Street past the Bur Dubai Grand Masjid, here we turned left and headed north for a bit until we got to the Bur Dubai Souk Market.

all quiet along Al Fahidi St

Dubai Museum in the distance

never seemed to have time to visit

oh well, some other time then?

headed to the Souks

didn't know my sister had a boutique here?

it was still pretty early

It was barely 8.30am so most of the shops and stalls were still closed, so the alleyways were practically deserted. We enjoyed walking through the Bur Dubai Souk Market at this time as we got to take in the sights and enjoy the architecture of the market without much distraction. Seeing as this would be our last time at the Souk Market we went a little overboard with the photos:

she was unusually bright and chirpy

because she's not usually a morning person

I guess the allure of the Souks has that effect on her

its usually a bustling waterfront bazaar 

with vendors selling textiles, attire...

lighting, purses, snacks & more!

a courtyard in between...

the labyrinth of covered alleyways

tourists flock to this souk

on the hunt for exotic fabrics

there's usually a tapestry of colors from quality fabrics

as well as made to order garments

and affordable souvenir shopping

the end of one alleyway...

with a little courtyard in between...

will always lead to another alleyway...

You can find anything from silk, velvet, cashmere

as well as satin, cotton and other fabrics

we've reached the end of the Bur Dubai Souk Market

A while later we emerged at the other end of the Bur Dubai Souk Market to find ourselves at the Bur Dubai Abra Station. We hopped on an abra and made our way across the Dubai Creek to run our errand at the Deira Old Souk area.

All done with our errand at the Deira Old Souk we hopped on another abra back across the Creek and found ourselves back at the Bur Dubai Souk Market. It was close to 11am and the market was slowly coming alive, not as sleepy as it was a few hours earlier but still sleepy enough that we enjoyed another casual walk along its alleyway.

wake up, wake up

not very busy along the Souk

which is just the way we like it

if only we could bottle the aroma...

wafting from the alleyways

but at least we've recorded the sights

Bur Dubai Old Souk & Dubai Creek; our favourite places

she's having a proper look-see

but her hands were (literally) full

one last look at the vibrant colours of the Souk

We emerged at the other end and walked along the Dubai Museum before turning left along Al Fahidi Street to head back to the hotel. We would be checking out soon to head back home to Abu Dhabi, but not before visiting Dubai City Walk for lunch.

Farewell Bur Dubai, till we meet again!

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