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Saturday 25 January 2020

UAE2020 Day 05: Local House Restaurant

Local House Restaurant is a much-maligned eatery that we have often neglected in favour of its immediate neighbour, the Arabian Tea House. Both restaurants front the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood but because Arabian Tea House had a more prominent façade we always seemed to overlook its neighbour.

Not tonight though, as we made up our minds to sample the local dishes that they had to offer.

there's a camel guarding the place!

bright and airy

comfortable courtyard

an indoor-outdoor feel that we loved

we were early

from the outside looking in

warm and inviting

time to order

this would be an obsession of mine

The brightly lit and colourful terrace was the first thing that caught our eye, and we thought that its overall ambiance provided for a very warm dining experience. Without much haste we almost instantly ordered their seafood platter as well as an assortment of lamb and chicken briyani.

the lamb briyani

my lamb briyani

we think this is the seafood platter

Brendan's grilled lamb

could this be salmon?

definitely grilled lamb

or is it the mixed grill?

definitely seafood

as you can see..

I was quite obsessed..

with these salt & pepper shaker figurines

a local dessert called Luqaimat

and a new-found favourite of ours

The food was gobbled up pretty fast, a testament to how good it tasted (as well as how hungry we were at the time). Truth be told we ate so fast that we forgot what we ordered, so a lot of the captions in the photos above are mainly guesswork. Hopefully in time Ginny and Sern can have a look the photos and correct the errors made.

It was here too that we had our first taste of Luqaimat, a popular Middle Eastern dessert consisting of deep-fried balls of pastry which are then covered with date syrup or honey, and in our case sprinkled with sesame seeds.

For those interesting in dining here we took the liberty of sharing their menu:

We plan to come back again tomorrow to have our first experience with grilled camel meat, bon appetit!

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