07 July 2013

Kai Saloon

Kai Saloon
2 Jalan Bunus (Off Jalan TAR)
50100 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: 3° 9' 12.00", 101° 41' 48.50")

This has been the default barber shop for me since the late 80s. I’ve been coming here since my late teens and now this rite of passage has been passed down to Brendan. He in fact has his own favourite hair stylist (Firdaus) who is himself only in his 20s, and better understands the tastes and fashion of teens these days. I have no objections to the fashion styles these days, so long as it does not infringe on school policies (especially since he’s a prefect).

welcome to Kai!

from father to son

An interest thing to note is that Firdaus hails from Terengganu as well. I guess that’s why we get along so well.

Brendan's favourite stylist

the talented Firdaus

wielding his magic

my son the fashionista? vainpot!

almost done

Don’t worry, this barber shop does not only cater to teenagers but also indulges to the whims and fancies of adults as well. The proprietor (Kai) is himself in his late 40s.

still competitively priced

thank you Firdaus!

goner gamok? hahaha...

To avoid disappointment, be sure to call ahead and book an appointment as the shop is usually fully booked during the weekends, and after office hours during the weekdays (that’s how popular this barber shop is).

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