06 July 2013

Cozy House

Cozy House
Lot 286 (1st Floor) Ampang Park Shopping Centre,
Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: 3° 9' 38.50", 101° 43' 7.75")

You will not believe the massive traffic jam in and around our home that has not subsided since late this morning, thank you Sogo Sale!

Not being to drive out of our apartment for dinner we looked to the reliable RapidKL bus service for a reprieve from the gridlocked roads and hopped on a bus headed for Ampang. We eventually found ourselves at Ampang Park, I used to work nearby (Wisma MCA) in the late 80s and this old shopping complex sure does bring back fond memories.

how long has it been?

We got here pretty late for dinner and most eateries (apart from the slew of fast food joints) were closed except for this cozy little place.

on the first floor to the right of the complex

A glance at the menu told us this will not be an ‘everyday food for the everyday person’ kind of occasion (judging by the 5% government tax as well as the 5% service charge imposed). Oh well, we placed our orders and hoped for the best. Brendan ordered the lamb chop; Cat tried the Kung Fu Fried Rice while I sampled the Kung Fu Fried Yee Mee. We have no way of describing what Kung Fu Fried dishes are, apart from the fact that it usually comes with thick starchy clear gravy laden with monosodium glutamate!

we know, we know.. it's cheesy
Cat's kung fu fried rice
quite delicious, she said
Brendan's marvellous lamb chop
tired from all that marching?
my kung fu fried yee mee
taxes and charges?

The damage? It’s clearly visible in the last photo able, including tax and charges. But you know what? We absolutely enjoyed our meals and even my fussy hard-to-impress better half declared she quite liked her fried rice. Looks like we may come back from time to time for a little 'Kung Fu fighting'.

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