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Sunday 7 July 2013

Pak Lan Tom Yam

Restoran Pak Lan Tom Yam
G3 Jalan Wawasan 3/4
Bandar Baru Ampang
68000 Ampang
(Coordinates: 3° 8' 41.50", 101° 45' 59.50")

We try to limit our rice intake to once a day (a noble and lofty concept indeed). Since we’ve had rice for lunch at Ibramsha this afternoon we thought we’d have noodles for dinner. With that in mind, we headed out to Ampang with the intention of going to Chuan Hupp.

Soon as we got there, Cat noticed a row of Tom Yam stalls opposite in the general vicinity of Chuan Hupp, and I sudden had a craving for sup ekor (oxtail soup). We abandoned our plans and went in the direction of the stalls, and settled on the first Tom Yam stall we found.

right across Prima Condo

the left most stall

This is a pretty 'colourful' stall in terms of personnel, in that the waiters and cooks were made up of entirely ‘effeminate’ males (for the want of a better description).

we were 'sweetly' served

sweet drinks...

... and a sweet dessert!

We proceeded to order a bowl of Sup Ekor (oxtail soup usually cooked with a fragrant combination of dried spices and fresh herbs), a plate of Ayam Padprik (stir fried chicken done in chilli paste mixed with oyster sauce, originally a Siamese dish), a plate of Kailan Ikan Masin (stir fried Chinese broccoli, with oyster sauce and salted fish - usually king mackerel fish steak preserved in salt) and an omelette each.

sup ekor

kailan ikan masin

ayam padprik

time to dig in

hey, they didn't wait for moi!

To be perfectly honest, the dishes were just ma-ma (so-so) and we’ve had better Sup Ekor and Ayam Padprik elsewhere. Oh well, this gives us a good excuse to head to Seri Gombak next weekend to patronize our favourite Tom Yam joint. Stay tuned!

*In hindsight, with the coming of Ramadan, I guess we have to put our plans to visit our favourite Tom Yam joint on hold.

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