21 July 2013

Restoran Kam Kee

Restoran Kam Kee
Pusat Penjaja Jalan Tiong
Jalan Tiong, Batu 3 off Jalan Ipoh
51100 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: 3° 10' 55.75", 101° 40' 55.00")

We were here yesterday patronizing Face to Face Noodles House. Having been reacquainted with the area we vowed to come back, and we did just that. Jalan Tiong and its surrounding vicinity are known as the Chinese food district of Jalan Ipoh, with a wide variety of cuisine ranging from noodles to dim sum.

used to be vibrant and packed to the rafters
only one of two 'food trucks' left

Cat remembers Pusat Penjaja Jalan Tiong (or Tiong Road Hawker Centre) to be a lively and vibrant place many years ago when Brendan was still a toddler. Today apart from Restoran Kam Kee there is only one other nameless food truck (as Foursquare categories these types of eateries) selling a variety of noodle-based dishes. How times have changed.

the patrons seem to have aged with the place
dinner on a grassy plain
approaching dusk

We were seated at table laid out on a grassy plain beside the restaurant, and it was getting dark. We ordered the Japanese tofu cooked in a Claypot, the Kam Heong (Stir Fried Golden Fragrance) Chicken and the Deep Fried Pork Ribs, with a round of herbal tea for everyone.

as always, as always

the kam heong chicken in thick starchy gravy
japanese tofu cooked in a claypot
the star of the night, deep fried pork ribs
time to dig in
dining under the stars (hope it doesn't rain!)

The Kam Heong Chicken came as a surprise to us in that it came with thick starchy gravy, unlike the drier variety we’re used to. It was just so-so, but we quite enjoyed the Deep Fried Pork Ribs while the Japanese Tofu was pretty average.

We like this place for that fact that we get to dine under the stars, but where price is concerned it is borderline everyday food for the everyday person as the total came to RM45.20, which is not bad (but we’ve had better). We’ll be back though, as we later found out their signature dish is the Pandan Chicken (fried chicken wrapped in screw pine leaves, which infuses the chicken with a sweet and fragrant aroma).

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