26 May 2013

Restoran Miharja (My Syiling Machine)

Restoran Miharja (美和家茶餐室)
33 Jalan Galian 3/93 Taman Miharja
55200 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: 3° 7' 24.75", 101° 43' 21.75")

Do you have a stash of coins accumulated from god knows when? We had a bagful of coins but didn’t know what to do with it.  Apparently banks will charge a fee if you wanted to exchange it for notes or deposit into your account.

We then read online that AEON had what was called a My Syiling Machine at its Maluri, Cheras Selatan and One Utama branches. Being the nearest to us, we headed to AEON Maluri this morning armed with our bagful of coins.

the My Syiling Machine
Exchange for cash vouchers here
The coins came up to RM100 which we could exchange for cash vouchers at the customer service counter. Best of all, these vouchers have no expiry date!

woohoo  J
Our task done and dusted, we headed to a restaurant situated right in front of Condo Miharja (we used to rent an apartment here many years ago).

view from the front
view of the back (where seating is)
This and CK Kopitiam Corner were our favorite haunt back in the day, and nothing much has changed (on the surface, at least). Cat tried the Loh Shee Fun; Brendan had the pan mee (as usual) while I sampled the curry mee.

Cat ordered from this stall
loh shee fun
did not live up to expectations
Brendan ordered from this stall
looked appetizing enough
looks can be deceiving
the redeeming stall
thick brothy and flavorful curry
I'm digging in!
our default drink

It’s been a while since we’ve been here but the standards have dropped quite a bit. Apart from the curry mee (which gravy was thick and flavorful) Cat and Brendan did not enjoy their meals. Come to think of it, we used to come here for the chicken rice. Aiyah, how forgetful L

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