Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heavy Downpour

I do not normally post about trivial things like an occurrence of heavy rain, but I was compelled do to so because of the particular ferocity of this one. It felt like an ant got dumped a bucketload of water!

It was so heavy we couldn’t see the Twin Towers from our apartment. Even KL Tower was not visible. As a result of this particular heavy downpour, there were landslips all around the Bukit Nanas area resulting in road closures everywhere.

I was standing at the balcony of our apartment when I took these pictures, but only managed a few because I did not want to risk getting the camera drenched.

The heavy downpour in pictures...

Twin Towers not visible
even KL Tower 'disappeared'
they formed a bucket brigade later to deal with a mini flash flood
cars stuck in a crawl along Jalan Ampang
Twin Towers back in view as the rain subsided
what a downpour!

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