18 May 2013

Food Avenue (AEON Rawang)

Food Avenue
No. 1, Kompleks Beli-Belah AEON Rawang
Persiaran Anggun, Taman Anggun
48000 Rawang
(Coordinates: 3° 19' 0.25", 101° 32' 12.75")

Yikes, the travel bug has got me good! We were at AEON Maluri yesterday looking to buy some shirts for Brendan. Not satisfied with the selection on display, today we headed to AEON Rawang. Why Rawang? It was either that or AEON Klang, the two furthest AEONs from our home.

looks can be deceiving, these two can fight like cats and dogs
spacious and uncluttered

The shopping complex is brand spanking new (opened in December 2011) but what struck us was the size. This has got to be the biggest AEON we’ve been to (we’d probably be visiting AEON Klang soon, touted as the biggest in Malaysia). The store was large, spacious and uncluttered, an absolute peach of a shopping experience.

ambling around
someone's hungry now

By the time we were done shopping for Brendan’s shirts, it was already lunchtime. We initially planned to have lunch somewhere else but the food court here was appealing. Called Food Avenue, it was (again) spacious and clean.

clean and spacious

Cat was immediately drawn to the sushi stall and promptly got herself a family pack. I don’t know if she’s on a diet or if the portions were too generous, but she did not manage to finish off her sushi pack.

Cat's lunch
can hardly wait

Brendan and I naturally gravitated toward the western foodstall called the Western Fusion. Brendan had the lamb chop with rice while I had the chicken chop with spaghetti. We both agreed that it was delicious and worth a second visit.

the signage says it all
pretty interesting dishes
hard at work (hope the flash doesn't distract her)
Brendan had the lamb chop with rice
digging in
while I had the chicken chop with spaghetti

Beverages were courtesy of the Hainan Tea Xpress stall. Cat and I had the exotic sounding drinks (jellied ice tea and bubbled strawberries respectively) while Brendan stuck with his perennial favourite, Coke (boring!).

getting our drinks
wishing us a good meal, how nice

All in all it was a pleasant experience and if AEON had another sale, we’d be heading here again for sure.

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