11 May 2013

Putrajaya / Kajang in an afternoon...

It’s Sunday morning. The travel bug is making me itch really badly. Since being liberated from the walking stick, my hyperactivity has grown. I woke Cat and Brendan up, and we went for a drive.

Cat mentioned that she wanted to get a bottle of toner from Etude House that was on sale. I looked up Etude House and found an outlet in Alamanda Putrajaya (plenty of outlets nearby but no, I had to select the one furthest from us).

the first thing you see..

.. as soon as you've reached Putrajaya

at Alamanda Putrajaya

Etude had a buy one, get one free offer for the toner

greenery around Putrajaya

greenery around Putrajaya

greenery around Putrajaya

despite the greenery it was still pretty warm

We got the toner and since it was nearing lunch time, we looked around but did not find anything that caught our fancy. I then suggested we go to Kajang for some satay and before you know it, we found ourselves at the Medan Satay Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (Coordinates: 2.994230, 101.785341).

it was very, very quiet

we thought it was closed 

waiting to be served

this was the only shop operating at the court

what a shame


someone's excited

it's been a while since we've had satay

I liked the beef satay better

time to put the camera away

We remembered a vibrant and bustling food court especially during the weekends at lunchtime. Not anymore, and only one proprietor (Restoran Sate Emas Kajang) was opened. Even worse, we were the only customers there… how times have changed.

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