14 March 2011

CK Kopitiam Corner

CK Kopitiam Corner
Jalan Galian 3/93
Taman Miharja
55200 Kuala Lumpur
(Coordinates: 3° 7' 27.00", 101° 43' 26.00")

After 'migrating' to Kuala Lumpur in September 2002 we lived for a while with my sister in Subang Jaya before finding a condo to rent here in Taman Miharja, so coming back here every once in a while is pretty nostalgic. For a while, Brendan used to attend the kindergarten 'Tadika Intelek' nearby. The roar of the trains (from the LRT tracks a stone's throw away) was something we eventually got immuned to.

This is one of our fav mixed rice shops. Why? the price! You can hardly get mixed rice for under RM4 these days, and CK Kopitiam Corner is one of the last few.

as the name suggests, its located at the corner..
The 1st shop after exiting Jln Cheras..
. before reaching Miharja Condo
unfussy about his choice of dishes
This cost more than RM4 tho..

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