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Thursday 28 December 2023

Improvised Walkabout: Lebuh Cecil • Red Garden Food Paradise

Improvised Walkabout!

Evening came and Brendan declined our invitation to go out to dinner yet again. His feet were probably still sore from the excursions of this afternoon.

Remember my phone's screen protector that was replaced earlier? Turned out it was for the wrong model, and as a result the face unlock didn't work.

So first on our agenda this evening was a walk to ICT Mall. We left the Green House at half past six, soon as we got to Standard Classic Mobiles on the 2nd floor and explained our predicament they apologised and immediately replaced the offending screen protector.

We thanked them for their prompt and excellent service while they continued to apologise profusely. Kudos to the team at Standard Classic Mobiles, a truly 5-star shop that's highly recommended to all!

We then crossed over to 1st Avenue Mall and suddenly had the urge to try Cecil Street Market Hawker Centre again. We exited 1st Avenue Mall and walked across Jalan Magazine onto Lebuh Mcnair.

We then walked the kilometre or so due southwest and to our dismay the hawker centre was again closed. We turned back and enquired with a kind gentleman who confirmed that Cecil Street Market Hawker Centre only operated in the daytime, from morning  till about 4pm.

Shame on you Google Maps!

We then continued until we reached Presgrave Street Hawker Centre only it packed to the rafters. Desperate times called for desperate measures, so we hailed a Grab car for a fare of only RM5.00 (approximately USD/EUR1) to where else but Red Garden Food Paradise.

We arrived close to eight and we're relieved to find plenty of empty tables. Partly to comfort myself with the disappointment of earlier went overboard, and we settled on:

  • My Mixed Grill Platter for RM45.00
  • Cat's Char Kueh Teow with Duck Egg for RM9.00
  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls for RM16.00
  • Cat's Abra juice and my Apple juice for RM11.00

Our extravagant dinner came to RM81.00 (approximately USD17/EUR16). I was able to finish everything but the fish and waved the white flag.

Cat then texted Brendan who asked us to take away two Classic Beef Nachos for RM44.00 (approximately USD10/EUR9).

I eventually ordered a small bottle of Heineken for RM14.00 (approximately USD/EUR3) to wash down the voluminous amounts of meat I had just consumed. A lame excuse, I know.

Our perut filled we then took a very slow stroll, first headed southwest along Jalan Penang then northwest along Lebuh Dickens until we reached the Green House.

We don't know what lies in store for us tomorrow, so please stay tuned!

(Do visit our YouTube Channel Have Perut Will Travel)

๐Ÿ“ Location:
ICT Digital Mall @ Komtar -
Cecil Street Market Hawker Centre -
Presgrave Street Hawker Centre -

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